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ROTB Roundtable: QB's, DC, and RB's

It's been an eventful week for the Arizona Cardinals.


With all the changes occuring so rapidly, a multitude of questions have arisen. Luckily, the ROTB Writing Staff was here to tackle three of those.

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1) A lot of mock drafts are predicting the Cardinals will draft a QB, with names like Tyler Wilson and Matt Barkley being thrown around. Do you agree with these predictions?

Jess Root: While it stinks, unless you happen to be lucky, there is one thing you have to do -- overdraft a quarterback. Why? Because all teams do. If you wait to their actual value, they will be gone. So unless you can trade down and there is a QB you value, you have to take him. As for the players, I don't know about Wilson based on the one scouting report I saw, but that is just one. Sounds like the issues our other young QBs had -- footwork and accuracy. Barkley? I've seen the great and I've seen the ordinary. He looked rather ordinary the past two seasons against Arizona State.

Alex Mann: Barkley no... Wilson... I could agree with, but that would mean trading down. If there's no people whom we find worthy of the seventh then we'll trade down. I was once high upon Teo but his performance last night was not what I had expected.

Tyler Nickel: No, I don't. I think the Cards stick with Kolb for one more year and I don't believe Keim will be eager to reach for a QB in his first year as GM.

Cdeveau: A lot of mock drafts are predicting the Cardinals will draft a QB, with names like Tyler Wilson and Matt Barkley being thrown around. Do you agree with these predictions? Jimmy Clausen, Blaine Gabbert, Colt McCoy...What do all these men have in common? They were all drafted high as a QB because a team needed a QB. Just because you take home the best looking ugly pig, doesn't mean you didn't end up with an ugly pig. The Cardinals need to be smart. Find value where value in a QB, and right now, there isn't a ton of value at the QB position in the first round. Barkley. No thank you, poor decisions, players around him made him better, weak arm. Wilson. He has his ups and downs, also he missed games with injury. Skip a QB early and find one later in the draft. Or stick with Kolb this year and focus on a QB for next year.

2) Do you think there is a viable chance that Ray Horton can be retained as the Defensive Coordinator?

Jess Root: I think it is more and more possible that he will stay as DC. I think the team really would prefer an offensive guy as HC and it looks less and less likely that Horton will get a gig elsewhere.

Alex Mann: Cleveland seems to be the last place he could land as HC if AZ doesn't take him. But I think his chances are very high of staying in Arizona.

Tyler Nickel: Yes, I do. It actually seems probable at this point. Arizona has the most interest in him and reports indicate they're leaning towards Mike McCoy. If that's the case, I think Horton will end up staying another year.

Cdeveau: Time is working against him, and the more it moves on, the more I see him staying with the Cards as their D coordinator, or perhaps even as the HC.

3) Taking a far look in the future, as RB Beanie Wells stated he did not expect to be back here, do you have any RB's in mind that can take his place?

Jess Root: Reggie Bush would be great, right? But that free agent splash seems unlikely. I'd rather draft someone and because backs aren't as valued overall, you can almost get them anywhere in the draft. I would, though, hope that LaRod Stephens-Howling be brought back for the running game and less about kick returns.

Alex Mann: Bush is one. There's also a few guys in the draft, Ball, Lacy, and Barner who could be good backs in the NFL.

Cdeveau: I really like Chris Ivory from New Orleans. Eddie Lacy is a nice power runner, as is Montee Ball. Another prospect would be Stepfan Taylor.