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NFL Power rankings week 5

Who's up, who's down in the league rankings for week 5?

Doug Pensinger

1: Denver Broncos (4-0) Last Week's Ranking: 2

Denver has been quick out of the gate for the 2013 season. Peyton Manning is breaking records and making defenses look average, having thrown 16 TD to 0 INT so far. The Broncos looked poised for a trip to the big dance.

2: Seattle Seahawks (4-0) Last Week's Ranking: 1

Seattle came from a major deficit in last week's game to stun the Houston Texans. While I like the fact that they found a way to win, there are teams that the Seahawks won't be able to do that against.

3: New Orleans Saints (4-0) Last Week's Ranking: 4

Drew Brees to Jimmy Graham. Easy pitch and catch tandem. Now thrown in the rest of the skill players and you give opposing D coordinators fits. Throw in the mad genius of Sean Payton and the Saints are a dangerous 4-0 team right now.

4: New England Patriots (4-0) Last Week's Ranking: 5

With the major upheaval to the Patriots program a down season was expected. Tom Brady may have taken exception to that as he and the Patriots are finding ways to win with new players and fresh faces.

5: Kansas City Chiefs (4-0) Last Week's Ranking: 8

Alex Smith and Andy Reid have the Chiefs sitting pretty at 4-0. We've heard time and again that Smith is only a game manager, but it seems to me that he and Reid have found a nice little niche in Kansas City.

6: San Francisco 49ers (2-2) Last Week's Ranking: 7

After a pair of rough outing the 49ers went to St. Louis and pummeled the Rams. Perhaps this is the turnaround thatColin Kaepernick and the 49ers needed to turn themselves around.

7: Indianapolis Colts (3-1) Last Week's Ranking: 12

Andrew Luck and the Colts are 3-1, including a victory on the road against the San Francisco 49ers. To top it off, they are 4th in the league in points surrendered.

8: Detroit Lions (3-1) Last Week's Ranking: 17

Matt Stafford to Calvin Johnson is an expected, but Reggie Bush is making a statement in Detroit as well, helping the Lions overcome the Bears in a shootout last Sunday. On the flip side, the defense of the Lions is as talented as ever.

9: Chicago Bears (3-1) Last Week's Ranking: 3

I wrote two weeks ago that I liked what the Bears were doing, but wondered when the evil Jay Cutler was going to surface. Last Sunday was that day, and he looked horrible leading the Bears in their loss to the Lions. Take a tumble guys.

10: Green Bay Packers (1-2) Last Week's Ranking: 10

A bye week may help to put things into perspective for Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the Pack nation. With the Bears and the Lions playing the way they are, there is little room for error.

11: Miami Dolphins (3-1) Last Week's Ranking: 11

The Dolphins were 3-0 entering last night's game, and ran into the buzz saw that is the New Orleans Saints. The Dolphins took a loss and are headed home, but Ryan Tannehill is looking like an NFL caliber QB and the Phins are still contenders in their division.

12: Tennessee Titans (3-1) Last Week's Ranking: 16

Jake Locker was hurt during the game, but the Titans are still sitting pretty at 3-1. Chris Johnson is still as shifty and speedy as ever out of the backfield. Even better, they lead the league in turnover differential.

13: Houston Texans (2-2) Last Week's Ranking: 13

They had the lead against the Seahawks going into the 4th quarter and couldn't put them away. Texans fans were so frustrated that one took to burning s Schaub jersey in the parking lot. The Texans have a ton of talent on both sides of the ball, but never seem to make that leap. Losing games in the fashion they did Sunday will keep them from that leap.

14: Atlanta Falcons (1-3) Last Week's Ranking: 9

The Falcons find themselves in a deep hole, down 1-3 for the season after dropping last Sunday's game to the Patriots. The Falcons have weapons on both sides of the ball as well as a top notch QB in Matt Ryan. Look for them to rebound against the visiting Jets.

15: San Diego Chargers (2-2) Last Week's Ranking: 22

Phillip Rivers posted great numbers as the Chargers schooled the Cowboys. Rivers went for over 400 yards and a trio of touchdowns in the victory. Perhaps OC Ken Whisenhunt has found a place to call home.

16: Cincinnati Bengals (2-2) Last Week's Ranking: 6

The Bengals were beaten by the Browns last week. The same Browns that just a week ago seemed to be a team in turmoil. To be contenders you must win the games. Dropping one to Cleveland isn't a step in the right direction.

17: Baltimore Ravens (2-2) Last Week's Ranking: 14

I'm not sure what's going on with Joe Flacco and the Ravens. Flacco throws 5 picks and the Ravens refuse to use Ray Rice for a decent number of touches, ultimately leading the way for the Bills to upset them.

18: Dallas Cowboys (2-2) Last Week's Ranking: 15

The good news about the Cowboys is that they sit atop their division. The bad news, their record is 2-2 and the other teams in the NFC East appear to be playing putrid ball.

19: Cleveland Browns (2-2) Last Week's Ranking: 28

Who believes in magic? Brian Hoyer just might. The journeyman QB has find himself a nice spot in Cleveland and has now been part of two victories, one an upset over the Bengals.

20: Buffalo Bills (2-2) Last Week's Ranking: 26

E.J. Manuel is starting to believe, and the Bills are reaping the rewards. Last Sunday they pulled a victory from the Ravens. That something to build upon.

21: St. Louis Rams (1-3) Last Week's Ranking: 19

The Rams hosted the 49ers who used them to springboard back into the victory column. In watching the game, I have to wonder if Sam Bradford is really the guy to lead this offensive unit.

22: Carolina Panthers (1-2) Last Week's Ranking: 20

A bye week sees the Panthers move down a pair of spots. Sometimes it happens.

23: Arizona Cardinals (2-2) Last Week's Ranking: 21

A victory and the Cardinals move down two spots. What gives? Well, I didn't see anything even in the win that equates to moving up the ladder. There's always this week.

24: Washington Redskins (1-3) Last Week's Ranking: 25

The Redskins managed to win a game, taking one from the lowly Raiders. They're still in last place in their division though, and RGIII hasn't looked like the man of multiple draft picks.

25: Philadelphia Eagles (1-3) Last Week's Ranking: 18

Chip Kelly may have an offense that puts points on the board, but he has a defense that allows even more points to be scored. That's an equation for a long season.

26: New York Jets (2-2) Last Week's Ranking: 23

Last week the ROTB staff wrote about how well Geno Smith was balling. Now I get to point out the butt fumble part II. The Jets looked bad against the Titans last weekend. Perhaps Rex Ryan has a fix to implement. Or perhaps not.

27: Minnesota Vikings (1-3) Last Week's Ranking: 30

Matt Cassel stepped in and led the team to a victory over the Steelers. It moves the Vikings up a few notches, easy to do when you're residing in the cellar.

28: Oakland Raiders (1-3) Last Week's Ranking: 31

Well, the Raiders lost to the Redskins. It was difficult to pick a winner from the two, and in case of the W in the win/loss column, I'm thinking Oakland is playing for the L.

29: New York Giants (0-4) Last Week's Ranking: 27

The Giants. For some reason we're always talking about how bad they look to start the season. And then they go on to win the Super Bowl. Not sure how that works for them, but that's their style. Even so, they're going to get lumped in with the other underachievers until they show some semblance of life.

30: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-4) Last Week's Ranking: 29

Things are swirling down, much like the water and stuff in the toilet when you flush it. Tama Bay has obliged the rest of the league by providing all the necessary drama between head coach and QB. Last week they Buccaneers started their 3rd round draft pick QB. Things didn't change.

31: Pittsburgh Steelers (0-4) Last Week's Ranking: 24

Things are grim in Pittsburgh. So bad that QB Ben Roethlisberger has stated they are the worst team in the NFL. Well, close Ben, real close.

32: Jacksonville Jaguars (0-4) Last Week's Ranking: 32

The Jaguars are 12 games away from drafting 1st.  Keep up the strategy guys, it seems to be panning out. Oh, and hope that Bridgewater doesn't decide to head back to school.