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2013 NFL picks: ROTB writers make their Week 6 winner selections

See who is good and not so good at picking winners.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it turns out that Seth knew something. Being the only one on staff to take the Jets over the Falcons, he once again leads the group (along with one other writer) with 10 winning picks for the week.

The rest of us were mostly mediocre. Everyone was at least even. Here are the final results after Week 5. Seth still has a comfortable lead overall.


Now for Week 6 picks. Not many homers here. Only four of us were bold enough to pick Arizona on the road in San Fran. This week there is only one unanimous pick -- Denver, which makes sense since they are playing the Jaguars. Every other matchup has some dissent.

Skii seems to be the outlaw. He is the lone man to take the Giants over the Bears, and he also is the only one crazy enough to pick the Titans over the Seahawks in Seattle. I personally think that is a dumb pick. Of course, we all could be proven wrong, making him the prophet.

How will we do? You tell us. Give us your picks. How are you shaping up against us?


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