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NFL Week 6 TV coverage maps

A look at what games will be on your TV on Sunday

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

You might have the NFL Sunday Ticket package, which means you will be able to watch all the games. However, that isn't the case for most of us.

So which games will we be able to watch? here is the info, as mapped on

This week there is one CBS game and there are two FOX broadcasts.

CBS broadcast: You will watch Steelers/Jets in the early slot if live near Las Vegas, in Arizona, in Texas except for the Dallas and Houston areas, the Southern and Eastern coasts, as well as in the Great Lakes area. You will watch Raiders/Chiefs if you are in California, Dallas or the Midwest. You will see Bengals/Bills if you live in Tallahassee, in the northeast corner of Louisiana, in most of Pennsylvania and most of New York. You will get Titans/Seahawks in the late slot if you live in the Pacific Northwest, Houston, Tennessee, Charlottte, Philadelphia, Cleveland, East Wisconsin and Minnesota. You will get Jagss/Broncos in part of Florida, Indianapolis, and the are from New Mexico up to Canada in the West.

FOX early game: You will get Panthers/Vikings in Minnesota and the Dakotas, plus in the Carolinas. You will get Texans/Rams in most of Texas and most of Missouri. you will get Eagles/Bucs in Pennsylvania and all Florida except for the Miami area. you will get Lions/Browns in Ohio and Michigan. You will get Packers/Ravens everywhere else in the country, except for Kansas City, Buffalo and New York City, which will have no FOX early game.

FOX late game: You will see Cardinals/49ers all along the West Coast (except for Southern California), Utah, Arizona and Northwest Nevada. The rest of the country will get Saints/Patriots, except Seattle and Denver, where there is no FOX late game broadcast.