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Cardinals vs 49ers 2nd half thread

Keep talking about this important game.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

The first half was a mix of great defense and big plays. Arizona trailed 22-14 and Vernon Davis scored twice.  Keep up and chat with the other members of the community.

In your discussion, please remember to keep these rules in mind.

1. While we allow a bit more when it comes to language, if you can avoid swearing, it would be appreciated.

2. We still do not accept any personal attacks. Be passionate, but don't be out of line.

3. "Rec" your favorite comments.

4. Do not ask for or post links to illegal streaming feeds of the game. Gamecasts, Slingbox, all that is cool. But sharing such links puts the entire network at risk of being shut down. If you do it, the comment will be deleted. If you persist, you will unfortunately be banned.