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Cardinals vs. 49ers results: The numbers in the 32-20 loss

we look at the story the stat book tells.

Ezra Shaw

If you watched the game between the Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers, you know why the Niners came away with the win. that was the eye test. What about the stat sheet? What story did it tell?

Here are some of the important numbers from the game.

109 -- The number of rushing yards by Arizona. It was the first time this season they passed 100 yards. They did so on 21 carries, good for 5.2 yards per attempt. Andre Ellington led the way with 56 yards on seven carries, while Rashard Mendenhall had 40 on 10 carries.

1 -- The number of carries -- and fumbles -- by Alfonso Smith. It happened in the fourth quarter. This leads to a valid question -- why was Smith getting his first carry of the game in that crucial drive late in the game?

4 -- The number of turnovers the Cardinals had. This is one stat that mattered most.

11 -- Larry Fitzgerald's number. He had a huge impact on the game, both positive and negatively. He caught six passes for 117 yards, including a 75-yard touchdown. He also lost a fumble in the red zone late in the third quarter when the Cards could have taken the lead.

149 -- The number of rushing yards the Cardinals allowed. After entering the game with the third best rushing defense, San Francisco did what they like to do -- pound the ball. They rushed 38 times for 149 yards. Frank Gore gained 102 yards on 25 carries.

180 -- The number of yards allowed to Vernon Davis. He was targeted 11 times, had eight catches for 180 yards and two touchdowns. He had seven of those catches, both touchdowns and 171 of those yards in the first half alone.

16 -- The number of yards the Cardinals outgained the 49ers offensively. Arizona amassed 403 offensive yards, while San Fran had 387.

11 -- The number of different players to catch a pass from Carson Palmer. Nine of those players were Cardinals.

1:47 -- The longest first half drive that ended in points. That was the drive that ended in a 49ers safety. The other scoring drives in the first half? 1:00, 1:35, :51, :59 (for SF); 1:25, 1:28 (for AZ).

9:32 -- The time that the 49ers had the ball in their drive after Larry Fitzgerald fumbled. They went 89 yards in 18 plays, scoring a touchdown to make it a 29-20 game.

12 -- The number of running plays in that scoring drive for the Niners to put them up 29-20.

0 -- The number of wins the Cardinals have against division teams.