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Calais Campbell injury: Players react to 49ers fans doing the wave

The players were not at all happy with how the fans reacted to down time during the game due to Campbell's injury.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

During the 32-20 loss the Arizona Cardinals had against the San Francisco 49ers, one of the tough moments was when Calais Campbell had to be carted off the field on a stretcher after suffering a neck injury that left him with numbness in his extremities.

During the time that he was down, the fans in the stadium began doing the wave, something that was met with disapproval from 49ers players and even an executive.

Here are some of the postgame tweets reproving the fans.

Team CEO Jed York:

Starting left tackle Joe Staley:

Reserve offensive lineman Adam Snyder, who played for the Cardinals last season:

It is rare the moment when you can call out fans for doing something at a place they paid a lot of money to enter, especially since it is not something that is hurting anyone. However, general stadium decorum, going all the way down to high school football and even Pop Warner, is to sit respectfully until the player leaves the field, at which time you applaud.

The 49ers fan base has long been considered a classy one, at least in most circles. Naturally, many fans in the Cardinals community feel differently.

In any case, this is one of those few moments when a player can call out fans. They might have the right to do the wave, but that doesn't make it appropriate.

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