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Cardinals vs.49ers: 5 positives from the 32-20

Arizona suffered the loss, but there were bright spots abound.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

It was ugly, but the Cardinals looked a lot better offensively this week than last. So without further ado, allow me to present five positives from Sundays loss.

Offense Turns it On

The stat line was 2/6 and two picks. Palmer was in legitimate danger of finding a seat on the bench. This, wound up lighting a fire under his chops, and he took Arizona down field to score. The offense scored twice through the air, and once on the ground. Everyone did their job, until Alfonso Smith's and Larry Fitzgerald's untimely fumbles.

Diamond in the Rough?

Arizona has had luck in finding late round talents. Tony Jefferson is an example this year, but there's another guy. Bradley Sowell allowed the safety early in the game, and a pressure, but after that he dominated. On numerous plays, he was seen throwing his man to the floor. He has a lot of work, but the talent is there .

Defense Stays Strong

They finally broke... But for the majority of the game the defense held the 49ers in check. They were tested early on, but kept the 49ers to 6 points. Bowles unit has been a pleasant surprise.

Campbell is Fine

Campbell was released from a Bay area hospital after he was rushed off the field on a cart. If Campbell plays on Thursday it would boost a depleted defensive line.

Pass Protection

It has gotten better, no doubt. The only problems that fans and coaches have addressed are the pressures. Over five games, Arizona has allowed 13 sacks, compared to 25 last year. If Arizona can eliminate the pressures allowed, we will catch a glimpse of the Palmer who looked young again.