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Levi Brown trade will net the Arizona Cardinals no exchange of draft picks.

His injury will make the exchange of picks null and void.


When the Arizona Cardinals traded offensive tackle Levi Brown to the Pittsburgh Steelers, part of the deal was that the two teams would exchange conditional draft picks.

Since Brown was placed on injured reserve by Pittsburgh, the deal changes.

Brown suffered a triceps injury in warmups before Sunday's game, the same one that was torn last year and sent him to injured reserve for the entire 2012 season. He was placed on IR on Tuesday.

According to AZCentral's Kent Somers, citing an NFL rule for trades involving players that were on injured reserve the previous year, Brown had to be on the active roster for five weeks for the trade of conditional picks to be able to happen.

So now no picks will change for either team. The salary cap implications remain the same, though.

According to Somers, the trade still saves $2.9 million in cap room this year, while the team will take a $6.5 million hit towards the 2014 cap.

As has been said by many on Twitter already, Brown managed to disappoint Cardinals fans even when he's not on the team.

It shouldn't be considered a big deal, though, as the team was reportedly ready to simply release him. They still got salary savings, which would not have happened if they had released him outright.

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