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ROTB Radio podcast: Cardinals/Seahawks preview; Cardinals/Niners reactions

With the short week, we have a longer 2-for-1 show that has Scott Enyeart from Field Gulls come on to preview the Seahawks and a regular Tuesday reactions show.

Tuesday night meant the 16th Revenge of the Birds Radio show. A normal Tuesday night would mean Seth Cox, RedC and I would react to the most recent Cardinals game. However, with a game on Thursday against the Seattle Seahawks and with that normally being the night to record the preview show for the next game with a guest blogger from another SB Nation site, we did a two-for-one show.

Scott Enyeart from Field Gulls joined us for the first segment and we talked to him about the Seahawks, Russell Wilson, injuries, perceptions of the Cardinals as an opponent, their offensive and defensive strengths and weaknesses, as well as predictions.

You can use the embedded player above the article to listen to the show, use the following streaming player, or even click here for a direct download. You can subscribe to the show on iTunes as well.

I took a moment to gush about Russell Wilson, whom I absolutely love and think is a once in a lifetime type player.

After that, Seth and I (RedC was under the weather so he was put on the inactive list) talked about the issues from the Cardinals' 32-20 loss.

We played the blame game -- Who and where should the blame be placed?

We talked about Carson Palmer -- good Carson and bad Carson. When will he put together a full game of great play? how much patience should we have?

What about the running game? How would we use the personnel differently? Should the Cards be runninlg more?

How concerning are the injuries?

What about the whole thing about not stopping any tight end?

What are the keys to a victory for Thursday night?

What bold prediction do you have for the Game?

Personally, I predicted that the Cardinals will win, and win handily. Carson Palmer will have his best game yet, and it will be a wire to wire good game.

Listen, comment, download, react. Thanks for listening.

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