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ROTB Roundtable: Coach Arians, Carson Palmer, and Keys to Winning

Tomorrow, the Cardinals take on the rival Seattle Seahawks in front of a national audience.

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But before then, there are multiple questions surrounding the franchise. The ROTB Writing Staff took their shot at answering three of these.

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1) After 6 weeks, how would you rate Coach Arians' performance with the team?

Jesse Reynolds: It may not be a popular opinion but I am not happy with Bruce Arians. Weirdly it has been Bowles who has been good for team while Arians and his vaunted offensive "genius" have done little to nothing. I am a believer in fitting your scheme to your players. So far the BA lines that "no one has taken this long" to understand his offense aggravates me. If the players are struggling to pick it up or the guys you have don't match your scheme mix it up, adapt and stop trying to pound a round block through a square hole. There is still a lot of football to be played and I hope BA can turn it around but right now I am wondering if BA is just a louder version of Whisenhunt. His players, his offense, his "success."

AndyStandsUp: The more I see, the more I agree with Jess that he and Ken Whisenhunt are not that different, with the main variable being the media side. And unfortunately, Arians is sliding closer to the Buddy Ryan Ryan range with the hyperbole.

Randy Fields: I'd give Arians a B, he's got a lot of great things going, he just can't seem to get them all going at the same time. He's proven he can build a great staff and make hard decisions, he just can't get his offense installed and working all the time. He needs to adjust his system to the players he has. But I would give Keim an A+, he's working the bottom of that depth chart and constantly looking for deals. I love the Levi deal and the o-line is proving it's better without Mr. Brown.

Robert Norman: Arians has been coaching to the record the Cardinals have -- average. Don't get me wrong, I have low expectations for the Cardinals this season and the NFC West is a tougher division than the AFC South last season. Arians has just made some baffling decisions so far this season.

Cdeveau: My grade for Coach Arians so far is a C. I like some things he's done, I've questioned some of the things he's done and I've shook my head at some of the things he's done. But all in all the Cards are 3-3 through six games, in the bottom of all the power rankings and last in the NFC West.

Jess Root: That's tough to gauge. They could be 5-1 if the offense had any sort of consistency. The defense is good. The offense is...better? I guess, and that is what he was charged with. I question some of his game planning strategies, but it is clear that the players buy into what he is selling. They have not yet won in the division and their wins are not super impressive, so I have to give him a C.

Alex Mann: It's been an inconsistent tenure thus far... He's done some good, we've seen some ugly, and more than a few questionable calls. I would give him a C, based solely on the fact that he's part of the reason why we're in contention within the NFC West. He's made this Offensive unit much better, even if they don't perform on the field, I'm reserving hope that he can get this unit moving tomorrow.

2) Should Carson Palmer be on the hot seat?

Jesse Reynolds: Absolutely. 9 INTs in 4 games? What is this dude on? Should have listened to the Raiders fans, they were right. Should have listened to the pundits because they were right too. He showed some flashes against a good Niners defense and it gives you hope but I just don't trust him. I'm not sure Stanton can be any better but maybe he won't average a few INTs a game.

AndyStandsUp: Of course and definitely so. Minority of Card fans have expected him to be the long term arrangement and his typical year has probably expedited his tenure not only with the team, but as a starter as well.

Randy Fields: Palmer should be on the hot seat, seven of those eight points that started the day out poorly are his (the other one point should be shared with Sowell for wiffing on his block). Those two interceptions to start the day off in San Fran nearly sealed the game. Remove six points from the board and that game is completely different. Palmer needs to learn that he has better protection, as it's on film now! He needs to settle down and let the receivers develop the route and strike when the player is open, not when the clock rings in his head.

Randy Norman: Can a stopgap be on the hot seat? Palmer has been playing poorly, even for his standards, and he was never more than the second best QB in this division. But I don't think putting all the blame on him is fair. Palmer needs to play better, but he hasn't had good protection or smart play from his receivers this year. Also consider the past few weeks and upcoming game have been against some of the better defenses in the league. I don't blame the man for trying to force things. I'm giving him till at least half the season is done before I call for his head.

Cdeveau: Of course he should. 11 interceptions in 6 games should qualify a player to get the snot stomped out of them by junior hockey legue players. I mean really, 11 interceptions. I can't even think about it anymore.

Jess Root: That depends. When Bad Carson is going, it is awful. However, Good Carson is better than anything we have had in a few years. The issue Drew Stanton going to be any better? If not, then why make a mess? Steve Keim said in a recent radio interview that Palmer is clearly the team's best option, so you can read into that the fact that they don't really think that Stanton could do any better.

Alex Mann: Most certainly should! Eli Manning, who is the face of the Giants franchise is on the Hot Seat with 15 picks. Palmer is only four shy of topping Manning, and Arians saying he never considered benching Palmer last week is rubbish. Stanton put on his helmet, and was throwing the ball around... That's either the sign of a guy who's chomping at the bit to get in... Or a guy who was told by his coach to get ready, and I presume the latter.

3) What will be the biggest key to defeating the Seahawks?

Jesse Reynolds: It's a short week for both teams and Seattle is on the road after playing in a physical low scoring game. The chance we have is not turning the ball over 4 times, punishing Seattle's injured line and sticking with the run game.

On a final note, Seattle Seahawk fans are coming, be prepared for smug, condescending attitudes.

AndyStandsUp: Ball control. Need the O to control the game possession time and it starts with the running game which Arians has (as per his M.O) neglected. And, of course, the D has to play lights out as they have all season.

Randy Fields: Turnovers. If the Cardinals can create turnovers and limit their own they can totally pull a Panthers with this game. If not, we'll see more long balls being thrown to try and catch up.

Robert Norman: Establish a run game. Every week fans watch as the offense struggles until they are able to start a consistent run game and suddenly they become an entirely new offense. As long as they don't go down early and run the ball well they'll be able to give the Seahawks a run for their money.

Cdeveau: Lack of offensive turnovers, consistent and balanced offense and forcing turnovers on defense.

Jess Root: Well, assuming the defense plays with its same intensity as they did against the 49ers, then really all the team needs to do is not turn the ball over. They avoid turnovers and they will be in a position to win. This team is close.

Alex Mann: Control the ball, limit turnovers, and play smart defense. The dumb penalties have slowly gotten better, and we have seen our offense get better because of it. If they can do that Arizona should be in this game till the end.