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Arizona Cardinals week 7: Good, Bad and Ugly

Was there any silver lining in last nights loss by the Arizona Cardinals to the Seattle Seahawks?

Can you really fix ugly?
Can you really fix ugly?

Week 7 is officially in the books for the Arizona Cardinals as a loss. Thursday night, prime time television and a divisional match-up against the Seattle Seahawks put the Cards on nationally for everyone to see and the results weren't what the Cards were hoping for in a 34-22 loss.

Even in defeat there was a few bright spots for the Cardinals. Offensively rookie WR Jaron Brown caught his first touchdown of his career, snatching the ball out of the air while deep in the end zone. Jay Feely was also sharp on the day, going 3/3 for field goal attempts. Rashard Mendenhall also added a rushing touchdown on the day.

Defensively, John Abraham got pressure on Russell Wilson most of the night, sacking him twice and forcing 3 fumbles in the process, two of which the Cardinals recovered.

Now for the bad, and there was plenty of it. Starting with the offense again, the Cards managed only 234 yards of offense, 30 of those coming from their anemic rushing game. Carson Palmer threw two more picks, taking his total to 13 interceptions in 7 game played.

On the defensive side of the ball, the Cards struggled to stop the Seahawks on 3rd down conversions and Marshawn Lynch had a field day, averaging 4.3 yards per carry.

Now we wrap up with the ugly, which falls on the offensive line. All nigh the offensive unit was out muscled at the line of scrimmage by the Seahawks defensive front. Eric Winston and Bradley Sowell had their names dropped every series, almost as much as people talk about Miley Cyrus.

And Mike Mayock said it on national television. The Cards need a mobile young QB, a LT and a few other pieces to compete. I'm in agreement, but there are 9 more games to be had on the season before any of that can be addressed.

Now the Cards gear up for the Atlanta Falcons in 10 days. Hopefully that's enough time to fix some of the issues above.