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Arizona Cardinals Bonehead Award week 7

Which player took home the Bonehead Award for their "D'oh" moment in the game 7 match-up between the Arizona Cardinals and the Seattle Seahawks?

One of these days I'll get it.
One of these days I'll get it.
Christian Petersen

Thursday night football and the Arizona Cardinals were in the spotlight against division rivals in the Seattle Seahawks, and the result was a 34-22 loss.

As I mentioned in another article there were a few bright spots in the loss, but that's not what this article is for, it's in recognition of a moment so insidious to football it elicits the "D'oh!" everyone knows so well.

So who are the nominees for this weeks Bonehead Award? Once again I'll leave the roughing the passer penalty against John Abraham off the books as I question that call. Who does that leave?

Alfonso Smith starts off the list for missing a blitzing linebacker in pass protection, allowing a free run at Carson Palmer for a sack.

Rob Housler is on today's list for his fumble after a 1 yard reception. Lyle Sendlein scooped it up for the Cards to save the turnover.

Speaking of fumbles, Carson Palmer managed one, but it was kicked out of bounds, leaving the ball in Cards control.

Now that we're speaking of Carson Palmer, how about those 2 interceptions he added to his already impressive number on the year. One on an under-thrown ball and one thrown while being pressured. That's 13 interceptions in 7 games folks.

In keeping with ball security, I'm throwing Seattle QB Russell Wilson into the mix. John Abraham got to Wilson often last night and forced the ball out on 3 occasions, two of which the Cardinals recovered.

After all is said and done though, Carson Palmer still takes home the award. Why? Because of the two picks, the fumble, the poor decision making and the fact that while Wilson may have had ball security issues as well, he was the QB who managed to pick up the pieces and take his team to the victory while Palmer managed to pick up the pieces and go home.

How about it Cards nation? Who gets your vote for the Bonehead Award game 7?