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Seahawks vs. Cardinals: Vote for the Week 7 play of the game

Watch the plays of the game and vote for your favorite.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, there has to be a play of the game this week even though there aren't many good plays from which to choose. The Arizona Cardinals took one on the chin this week at home against the Seattle Seahawks. Don't feel too bad about it, however, because Seattle is probably the best team in the conference.

There is no reason to panic yet, but some of us have certainly begun. The Cardinals (3-4) have one game to play between Thursday night's 34-22 loss and the Week 9 game against the Houston Texans -- next week they host the Atlanta Falcons.

From now until then, the order of business for some will be to get healthy, while for others, it will be to get better or be replaced. A lot could happen over the next three weeks.

Here are the candidates for play of the game.

Matt Shaughnessy's sack/strip of Russell Wilson

This great effort from defensive end/outside linebacker Matt Shaughnessy set up a 3-yard touchdown run from Rashard Mendenhall that cut Seattle's lead to 14-10 in the second quarter.

Momentum shifted, and though it kept the team in the game only briefly, it was a big play at the time.

Jaron Brown's first NFL touchdown

Watching a garbage-time drive is fun because you know there's a great chance it will end in points. Watching your team dig itself into a situation that requires a garbage-time drive sucks for sure, and this one was no different.

But undrafted rookie receiver Jaron Brown made a nice grab on a toss from Carson Palmer for his first NFL score -- the first of many, we hope.

John Abraham's first sack with the Cardinals

It took him nearly six games and two full quarters to notch his first sack with the Cardinals, but John Abraham did what he does best when getting to the quarterback -- he stripped Wilson of the football.

Abraham beat rookie right tackle Michael Bowie on a speed rush that surprised Wilson, and the QB could not hold onto the ball. Bowie was lucky to recover the fumble.

Larry Fitz de-cleats Richard Sherman

As hard as we try to dislike Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman, it's pretty much impossible -- he's too likeable as a player and as a person. It would have been easy for Sherman to get upset with Larry Fitzgerald for embarrassing him on national television and retaliate, but he didn't.

Instead, he congratulated him for the bone-crushing hit.

Sherman is just lucky Fitzgerald pulled up at the end. Had he laid into him, Sherman may have been out for the count.

Abraham's second sack with the Cardinals

It took him nearly 36 quarters of football to record his first in Cardinal Red, but it took him fewer than two quarters to notch his second. This one, much like the first, resulted in a fumble by Wilson.

The multiple angles show Abraham slashing at Wilson's arm while taking him down from behind -- a textbook and veteran move more Arizona pass-rushers should use.