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NFL Week 7 preview: Broncos/Colts one of the biggest games of the week

Matt Ufford goes over some of the top matchups for this weekend.

Now that the Arizona Cardinals have gotten their game out of the way, when Sunday rolls around, now you can pay attention to games that don't involve Arizona. This time, though, they won't simply be filler while you pass time waiting for the Cards can play.

This time you can watch football looking for game quality.

SB Nation Studios' Matt Ufford gives his weekly preview of five games.

Which ones will you be watching?

Make sure to catch each of the Uffsides individual game previews:

Denver Broncos vs. Indianapolis Colts

New England Patriots vs. New York Jets

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Detroit Lions

Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Minnesota Vikings vs. New York Giants

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