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Carson Palmer not at fault for interceptions vs. Seahawks, says head coach

The head coach either has the unluckiest Qb in the league or is covering for his player.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

When the Arizona Cardinals lost 34-22 on Thursday night to the Seattle Seahawks, one of the problems was that quarterback Carson Palmer threw a pair of interceptions.

Initially, head coach Bruce Arians felt that the second of the two was a poor decision. He changed his message on Friday after watching the tape.

Immediately after the game Thursday, Arians said this:

"The first (interception) to me was obvious pass interference, and the safety makes a great play. The second one was just a poor decision."

Then on Friday, Arians said this (via Arizona Sports):

"Neither interception was his fault whatsoever,he protected the ball like he needed to, and we've got to make better plays."

Palmer himself noted that the second interception he thought that Seattle should have been flagged for pass intterference. incredibly

Arians is either fiercely defensive for his players or Palmer is just incredibly unlucky this year.

in the meantime, if Palmer keeps up this rate, he will surpass the number of picks he threw all last season, and do it before the bye week.

What are the Cardinals to do?