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What did the Arizona Cardinals really trade Levi Brown for?

Embattled LT Levi Brown Shipped to Pittsburgh, What did we get?

PAY ME!  (Keim should Listen)
PAY ME! (Keim should Listen)
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

As much as a turnstile Levi Brown has been for the past couple of years, I for one am glad that Levi Brown is no longer a member of the Arizona Cardinals, as we traded him for what amounts to a pile of crap. I'm sure people will think that Keim got nothing in return for him, and that is not true; Keim got about $19 or 20 million dollars for Levi Brown this week.

At this point in time, Levi Brown's cap hit to the Arizona Cardinals would of been the rest of his 2.8 million he is owed this year and it looks like he had three years and $16 million left on the contract while we only save about $750,000 on the cap this year its the next three years where the savings really come into play. This is not the Cardinals being cheap for once, this is Steve Keim showing one of his greatest strengths, which is cap management.

What do we get, you ask, besides maybe a sixth or seventh round draft pick. Well how about the ability to sign Patrick Peterson for five more years before this next season. Keim just freed up a little less than a million dollars of cap space that can now go to signing bonus if he wants to or even better 6 million of cap space next year that can go towards PP's eventual salary increase.

In the end who did Steve Keim trade Levi Brown for? Patrick Peterson.... That's a damn good trade.