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NFL Week 7 TV coverage map: Patriots/Jets, Cowboys/Eagles headline matchups

Who will be watching what games around the country?

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

With the Arizona Cardinals having already played their game, their fans can watch the other games that are on the Sunday docket. Who gets each game? Well, here is the information you need, thanks to

There are two CBS games and one FOX game this week.

CBS Early game: Four areas will not get the CBS early game -- Atlanta, Charlotte, Washington and Philadelphia. If you live in California, excluding the San Francsico area, or in Jacksonville or the coastal part of Georgia, you will get to watch Chargers/Jaguars. The Bills/Dolphins game will air in the Northern New York are and for all of Florida (excluding Jacksonville), as well as the border just outside of Florida. Bengals/Lions will be on in Houston, Baltimore and all the Northern states from North Dakota and all the states around the Great Lakes. The rest of the country will get Patriots/Jets, including in Arizona.

CBS Late game: Only the are around Nashville will not get the late CBS game. The rest of the country will get one of three possibilities. In a pocket of Northern California, a part of Rhode Island, Rochester and the northern states fron the two Dakotas to Ohio, they will be watching the Browns and the Packers. Everywhere else in the East, from Louisiana all the way east and up the coast, will be Ravens/Steelers. The rest of the country, including Arizona, will be Texans Chiefs.

FOX: This coverage map is a little bit more varied. 49ers/Titans will be a late showing, but in the Pacific Northwest, all of Idaho and Utah, San Diego, the Bay Area and northern California. It will also show in Tennessee, Detroit, Buffalo, most of Maine, New York City, Cincinnati, Miami and Jacksonville. Rams/Panthers will air in the Carolinas and in most of Missouri. Buccaneers/Falcons will air in a pocket of Mississippi, much of Virginia, all of Georgia and almost all of Florida (excluding Jacksonville, Miami and a pocket on the east coast). Bears Redskins will be shown in the northern states (the Dakotas, all the way around the Great Lakes, and reaching the areas around the nation's capitol. The rest of the country will have Cowboys/Eagles (which will show in Arizona.

The Sunday Night Football game, shown everywhere on NBC, will be the Colts and the Broncos.