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NFL odds, Week 8: Arizona Cardinals open as a favorite for 1st time of season vs. Atlanta Falcons

This is simply a testament to how bad the Falcons' season has gone.

Kevin C. Cox

Las Vegas bookmakers are finally showing the Arizona Cardinals a little love in Week 8 of the NFL season. Betting lines for their home game against the Atlanta Falcons have Arizona listed as favorites for the first time this season.

The Cards are listed as two and a half point favorites, which is just under a standard three-point spread to give the home team to teams viewed as equals.

The over/under is a whopping 45.5 points, which reflects a couple of things -- the explosive potential for the Atlanta offense and the fact that their defense is not trusted.

What are current betting trends? Oddsshark's polls show gamblers going with the underdog Falcons (61 percent) and the over (64 percent)

Which way will you go? Can the Cards not only win the game, but cover? Will they fall against the spread for the third week in a row?

One thing is clear. Vegas has roughly equal respect for the Cardinals and the Falcons.

On Sunday we will get to see how that plays out on the field.

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