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2013 NFL power rankings: Where the Arizona Cardinals stand in Week 8

We look at the rankings from around the Web.

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Another week of power rankings has begun. Where do the Arizona Cardinals rank? Likely lower than before after a 34-22 loss to the Seattle Seahawks to kick off the week of the NFL.

Here is where different lists and sites have them.

Our own Michael Oliver dropped the Cards two spots to 23.

The Cards are not a bad team but the offensive scheme is not playing well enough. Carson Palmer and Bruce Arians need to re-evaluate their scheme and see how they can play to a higher level.

SB Nation's Ryan Van Bibber has the Cards at 26.

Now Carson Palmer has a dubious interception streak in the spotlight. FIve games.

Palmer's thrown more than one interception in five consecutive games now. In his defense, he was sacked seven times. Conventional wisdom says the Cardinals need to draft a quarterback in 2014. GM Steve Keim can't do really do that until he finds an offensive tackle; otherwise, some other GM will be looking for yet another quarterback in a year or two.

ESPN dropped Arizona three spots to 24th.

Carson Palmer was thought to be an upgrade at QB, but Larry Fitzgerald might disagree. Palmer has more interceptions (6) than TDs (4) targeting Fitzgerald.

CBS Sports doesn't move the team at all, keepint them at number 21.

The offensive line is horrible, and it shows up every week. Carson Palmer is struggling.

Yahoo's Shutdown Corner puts the Cards 26th, as they fall three spots.

Why, oh why, does this team continue to waste plays by giving Rashard Mendenhall the ball? Please stop.

Finally, FOX Sports dropped the Cards five spots to 26.

For as bad as Eli Manning has been this season, it is Carson Palmer that actually leads the league in multi-interception games. Palmer has thrown at least two picks in five of seven games.

Are these rankings fair?

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