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NFL picks, Week 8: There is a new leader

Joe Robbins

It happened. Seth has finally begun to falter a bit. Jesse Reynolds is now the new overall leader after Week 7. Here are the results and the current leaderboard.



As you can tell from the results, it was a good week for many. Six were 10-5 in selections. On the other end...two were under .500 (Shaun, Randy). There were many very mediocre at 8-7 (yep, I'm in there).

So what about this week? Here are the picks from us all.


From the looks of it, we should all end up with very similar records. Carolina, San Fran, New Orleans, Cincy, Denver, Green Bay and Seattle were all unanimous picks. As for faith in our Cardinals, it is pretty split. Andy is the lone wolf going with the Browns.

Make your picks. How are yours doing? What do you think of ours? Our records say we are pretty all right at it.