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NFL Week 8 preview: Falcons/Cardinals not among top 5 matchups

It doesn't matter that Week 8 in the NFL is lacking for compelling matchups, Uffsides is here to find the drama, present the odds, and make picks anyway. The five previews this week are Bills-Saints, Cowboys-Lions, Jets-Bengals, Redskins-Broncos, and the Monday Night Football dud of Seahawks-Rams.

The Arizona Cardinals at 3-4 will host the 2-4 Atlanta Falcons on Sunday and attempt to finish off their NFC South games. A win would make the, 3-1 against that division, compared with 1-3 against the rest.

As a Cardinals fan, you have to think that this is as intriguing matchup as there is. Unfortunately, most don't agree. The Cardinals on their own rarely cause enough intrigue and then add on top of that that the Falcons are not healthy, and you have a game that most don't want to see.

However, that doesn't mean we can't check out what SB Nation Studio's Matt Ufford thinks are the top five games to watch.

Take a look tell us what you think in the comment section.

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