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Falcons vs. Cardinals: Which Atlanta player would you want in Arizona?

We ask you this hypothetical question yet again.

Jeff Gross

As we have done recently, we are getting together with The Falcoholic to get some discussion between the two sites. You will need to join the community and it could take a day to fully activate, but this way you can get some discussion going.

They already posted about which player they would pick for their team. Naturally, the defensive side of the ball is where they focus.

I now turn the question to you -- which Falcons player would you like in Arizona? It's probably an offensive player.

Here are who I would choose from

Matt Ryan, quarterback:

Well, Bruce Arians says that Ryan is as close to Peyton Manning we're going to get. Of course, the biggest reason why he makes the top of the list is because he is a young franchise quarterback. Who wouldn't give their left nut for that for the Cardinals?

He has led one of the most prolific offenses over the last few seasons, has been in the playoffs and even continues to produce without all his weapons.

Roddy White or Julio Jones, receivers:

Well, despite already having Larry Fitzgerald on the team and Michael Floyd, too, having one of these two players would be amazing. Plus, who would you rather have, Jones/White or Floyd? Some might prefer one of the Atlanta wideouts to even Fitz these days.

Tony Gonzalez, tight end:

Well, when have the Cardinals ever had a tight end that could dominate a game? They had one they let get away in the early 90s in Jay Novacek. They have a Rob Housler, but he is apparently all potential and little production. Tony Gonzalez is probably the best tight end there has ever been. Even if it is his last season, I would take him right now.

Sam Baker, left tackle:

OK...the Cardinals will take anyone. I'll be honest, I have never heard a thing about Baker. However, he has been a starter for multiple years on a team that has had a very, very good offense. That is enough for me to say I'll take him over Bradley Sowell.


There are other players to consider -- Jonathan Babineaux, Osi Umenyiora, Desmond Trufant -- but when you think Falcons, you think offense first, which means you probably want their players on offense. The Cardinals have skilled defensive players and Atlanta does not have the reputation for being great defensively. And in John Abraham, we already have one of their best players on that side of the ball for years.

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