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Too bad the Cards dont play in the NFC East anymore....

A look at the Cardinals in a completely different light, and looking forward to the next three games.

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

In 2001, the Arizona Cardinals played in the NFC East. Twice a year they would play the Dallas Cowboys, the Philadelphia Eagles, the Washington redskins, and the New York Giants. This of course meant that we had a lot of flying to do, every year being one of the top mileage teams in the NFL, which also was part of the reason that we were a doormat to the division every year. The NFC East was for years "the best division" in football, From 1987 to 1996 ( 9 years) the NFC East produced 7 Super Bowl champions (three for Dallas and two each for Washington and New York)

Fast forward to 2013...Since that 1996 season, the NFC West has sent a team in their conference to the Super Bowl five times and is the only division to have every single team represented in at least one How good is the NFC West currently? There are 11 losses in the division, 2nd best in the NFL, and that number drops to 6 when you remove the inner division games. Our beloved Cardinals are 0-3 vs the NFC West and 3-1 vs everyone else. I cant even make the case that those games were against chumps... two of the three teams currently sit above .500 as I write this.

AZ comes to a point in the schedule that they could go one way or the other. Atlanta isn't that good this year, Houston is banged up and is going down hill fast, and Jacksonville is worse than some college teams. These are three very winnable games. We don't even need a prolific offense -- just one that won't turn the ball over and make a few plays and score some TD's. If we score more than 28 points in these next three games they will all be wins i believe.

If we come back on Nov. 24th vs Indy at 6-4 we are back in this thing. It may very well come down to SF vs AZ last game of the season for a wild card spot. (or even better for the season we get three representatives from the NFC West)