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Week 8: Fantasy Results from the Cardinals and Around the League

Multiple Cardinals' players produced big fantasy performances against the Falcons.

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sport

Here's a look at some of the top fantasy performances from the team, as well as the top scorers at each position from around the league.


Andre Ellington - 21 Points: In his first start of the season, the rookie RB produced huge numbers, delighting fantasy owners all over. Ellington converted 15 rushes into 154 yards, which included a massive 80 yard TD in the 2nd quarter against the Falcons. If you were like me, and decided to start him, you definitely came away a much happier person.

Cardinals Defense - 17 Points: Intercepting Matt Ryan four times, sacking him four times, and containing the Falcons run all contributed to a great performance by the Cardinals defense, both on the field and in fantasy football. It was their highest scoring game of the year, fantasy-wise.

Carson Palmer - 12 Points: Although Palmer had a good game, a low pass attempt count (13-18 on passing for the day) limited his fantasy production. His performance was somewhat salved by two TD's in the 2nd quarter.


QB) Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints - 33 Points: The Saints passer had a massive game, going 26-34 for 332 yards. But it was his 5 TD's that really vaulted his point total, placing him above all other QB's for scoring in Week 8.

RB) Andre Ellington, Arizona Cardinals - 17 Points: As mentioned above, Ellington had a great game, and leading all RB's for fantasy scoring topped it off.

WR (Tie) #1) Calvin Johnson, Detroit Lions - 36 Points: Two WR's had big days in Week 8, and Johnson was one of them. The Lions star receiver brought in 14 receptions for 329 yards and 1 TD, making him the highest scoring fantasy player in Week 8.

#2) Marvin Jones, Cincinnati Bengals - 36 Points: The other highest scoring player? Bengals WR Marvin Jones, who's 122 yards off of 8 receptions led him to a shattering 4 TD's. His 28 points helped the Bengals beat the New York Jets 49-9.

TE) Jimmy Graham, New Orleans Saints - 15 Points: On the receiving end of Brees' performance was his tight end, Graham, who converted 3 receptions for 37 yards and 2 TD's. This would lead to the Saints defeating the Buffalo Bills, 35-17.

Defense/ST) Cincinnati Bengals - 25 Points: Another team that placed twice in the league-leaders was the Bengals. Two TD's, and limiting the Jets offense to only 9 points, led the Bengals to a blow-out win in Week 8.

(Note: Fantasy points are based off of standard scoring rules. These point totals should correspond to most fantasy sites.)