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Falcons vs. Cardinals: The win was good, but it should have been better

Just some nitpicking after a win.

Christian Petersen

I know it's hard to believe but I've got a chip on my shoulder after that great home win against the Falcons. Why would any Cardinals fan walk away from a win mad? The answer is simple, it could have been much, much better. Where do we start, perhaps with the passing game, Carson Palmer played his best game of the year with just a single interception, but he continues to throw interceptions, he's one interception behind being the worst in the league (Eli Manning), and I can't help but feel that the Cardinals are winning despite Palmer's efforts. I know he had a good game, and two TDs is great, but with the offensive weapons he has around him we all expect more, like maybe using your TEs to open up other options. He's very hot, or very cold, and what the Cardinals need is a consistent warm and they can really perform with the level the defense is performing at.

But the Defense doesn't escape a rant, they could have dominated if they would have covered the no name WRs who kept getting open. Drew Davis ended up with five catches for 77 yards and a TD. Who the heck is Drew Davis and why is he putting up those kinds of numbers? Who was covering him, and why wasn't that guy riding pine when the coaching staff saw that the 2nd year player out of Oregon who has limited game time experience was beating one of our starters consistently? Adjustments need to happen earlier to take away the hot hand.

RB rant, why is Arians so quick to avoid commitment to the new group at RB? Jesse Reynolds dubbed our rookie phenom the Juke of Ellington in his recap of the game, and I am personally totally bought into what the Juke of Ellington can do for this offense, especially when paired with a bruiser in what Stefan Taylor looks like he could be. Arians may be playing coy to keep other teams guessing, but let me say it out loud "No one is guessing, they know you're going to use this new gruesome twosome or you're a bad coach who doesn't know how to use his best players." *Cough, cough Whisenhunt cough*

Finally, the C'mon Man moment ... what is this rumor that the Cardinals are going to trade away Larry Fitzgerald? The face of the franchise? The best team member a Cardinal could have? The rumors reported by ESPN are the multiple executives are reporting that Fitzgerald may be traded by the Tuesday deadline or in the off season. I can't help but think this is because Larry knows this team is not going to fulfill his career aspirations and he doesn't want to be the next Andre Johnson who is old and busted and will probably not be getting a Super Bowl Championship on his resume. It looks like Larry wants to go some where and compete and Arizona is trying to get something out him, so now the question becomes if he leaves what do the Cardinals get in return? What will become of this offense without him? PP21 is set to become the face of the franchise, but will the Cardinals suffer from a loss of identity without the Japanese fighting fish?