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Arizona Cardinals Bonehead Award, week 8

Which player took home the Bonehead Award for their "D'oh" moment from the Arizona Cardinals Atlanta Falcons match up?

Jeff Gross

The Arizona Cardinals and the Atlanta Falcons both came into yesterday's game with the same needs, a win. At 2-4, the Falcons have struggled to play good football all season and have further been hampered by injuries to some of their star talents. Flipping the coin to the Cardinals prospects also shows a team that entering the game at 3-4 wasn't playing great football. In fact one of my keys to winning the game was to keep the ball out of Carson "The Interception Machine" Palmer's hands.

So with all these struggles there was certain to be a plethora of candidates for the Bonehead nominee, right? Not as many as I expected.

Bradley Sowell, the replacement piece to Levi "El Matador" Brown paid homage to his predecessor with a false start. Sowell also gave up a sack to Jonathan Babineaux and then on the very next play let Babineaux force back the line of scrimmage to blow up a rushing play.

Lyle Sendlein was flagged for holding and a false start. Sendlein is up here because his name isn't called often.

What of the man known as the Interception Machine? Well, through the first quarter Carson Palmer was on pace to retain that title, throwing another pick that the Falcons turned into 3 points. I will say though that after that quarter someone must have found a plunger or something, because I swear I heard a huge vacuum sound like someone had just pulled their head out of their...You know where I'm going with that one. Anyway, Palmer finished the night 13/18 with only the one pick to mar an otherwise decent performance.

So, if it wasn't my regular Cardinals whipping boy for Bonehead Award recipient, whom could it be? That's easy, it goes to the man who tossed four interceptions in the game. No, not Palmer, Matt Ryan, aka Matty Ice. Ryan channeled the interception machine to a T, throwing a pair of passes to Rashad Johnson as if he was the target.

Matt Ryan comes away with the Bonehead Award, week 8 by tossing those four picks. What do you think, is there someone else more deserving of the award?