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2013 NFL power rankings: Chiefs keep hold of top spot into week 9

Who's up, who's down and where are the Arizona Cardinals in the latest ROTB power rankings?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

1: Kansas City Chiefs (8-0) Last Weeks Ranking: 1

Still undefeated. What can be said about Alex Smith and company? They are winning week in and out.

2: Indianapolis Colts (5-2) Last Weeks Ranking: 2

Bye week doesn’t have the Colts moving up or down. They’ve beat the Seahawks, 49ers and Broncos.

3: Denver Broncos (7-1) Last Weeks Ranking: 3

Anyway, a week after losing to the Colts, Peyton Manning and the Broncos put a whuppin on the Redskins. There’s a big collision just over the horizon in the AFC West.

4: Seattle Seahawks (7-1) Last Weeks Ranking: 4

Talk about pucker factor. The Seahawks appeared vulnerable in a close game that the Rams failed to win with 4 seconds and two yards to go. But still, they’re winning games and Russell Wilson stay atop the NFC.

5: San Francisco 49ers (6-2) Last Weeks Ranking: 5

The Niners helped Jacksonville in their quest for Bridgewater. Colin Kaepernick and the offense are capable of big plays and points, while the defense is top 10 ranked in yards and points.

6: Cincinnati Bengals (6-2) Last Weeks Ranking: 6

19/30 325 yards and 5TD. Andy Dalton put up those numbers as the Bengals crushed the Jets. Add in a stingy defense and the Bengals are cruising atop the AFC North.

7: New Orleans Saints (6-1) Last Weeks Ranking: 7

Drew Brees makes the game look easy, connecting with Jimmy Graham for two TDs on the day. Even when not playing their best football the Saints win games.

8: New England Patriots (6-2) Last Weeks Ranking: 8

Tom Brady managed a 2nd quarter comeback against the Dolphins, but the Patriots are in trouble heading down the stretch.

9: Green Bay Packers (5-2) Last Weeks Ranking: 9

Aaron Rogers tossed a pair of touchdown, and Green Bay put up 44 on the Vikings. Bad news, the Vikings put up 31 on the Packers. Defense needs to step it up.

10: Detroit Lions (5-3) Last Weeks Ranking: 12

Matt Stafford to Calvin Johnson appeared unstoppable. Plus a heads up play at the very end of the game by Stafford gave the Lions a W.

11: Chicago Bears (4-3) Last Weeks Ranking: 11

Bye week has the Bears staying put, but Cutler is going to miss a few weeks with a torn groin.

12: Carolina Panthers (4-3) Last Weeks Ranking: 20

It’s taken a bit, but Cam Newton is starting to put the game together. The Panthers are above .500 on the season and could be a playoff team.

13: San Diego Chargers (4-3) Last Weeks Ranking: 13

Bye keeps the Chargers at 13. At 4-3 they sit in third place in the tough AFC West.

14: Arizona Cardinals (4-4) Last Weeks Ranking: 23

Carson Palmer finally figured out that throwing the ball to the other team is a bad idea. And due to injury Bruce Arians might have finally figured out the keys to winning games.

15: Baltimore Ravens (3-4) Last a Weeks Ranking: 15

Bye keeps the Ravens at 15, but the defending champs have lost a step or two.

16: Dallas Cowboys (4-4) Last Weeks Ranking: 10

Whew. There was the letdown and then the blowup. I tell you what, the Cowboys might be an average team at best but the drama they provide is top notch.

17: Tennessee Titans (3-4) Last Weeks Ranking: 17

Bye leaves the Titans at 17, but the bad news is that they play in the same division as Andrew Luck and the Colts

18: Miami Dolphins (3-4) Last Weeks Ranking: 16

I switched the game at the half, convinced the Dolphins had the Patriots number. Lo and behold the Pats come back. The Dolphins drop a few because of it.

19: St. Louis Rams (3-5) Last Weeks Ranking: 24

Kellen Clemens and the Rams had the Seahawks on the ropes til the very last second. Sure Sam Bradford is missed, but don’t sleep on the Rams during the game.

20: Oakland Raiders (3-4) Last Weeks Ranking: 25

Terrelle Pryor galloped for a record setting TD run, and the Raiders beat the Steelers. Perhaps the Raiders have something to build around.

21: New York Giants (2-6) Last Weeks Ranking: 28

No TD but no turnovers either. Eli Manning and the Giants won the battle of the bad with the Eagles.

22: Buffalo Bills (3-5) Last Weeks Ranking: 19

Buffalo tried in their showing against the Saint but stopping Brew Brees and company is harder said than done.

23: New York Jets (4-4) Last Weeks Ranking: 14

The Bengals welcomed rookie Geno Smith to the NFL with a soild thrashing 49-9.

24: Pittsburgh Steelers (2-5) Last Weeks Ranking: 21

The Steelers head out West and drop a close one to the Raiders. Ben Roethlesberger had a great game, but the Steelers just don’t win games this year.

25: Atlanta Falcons (2-5) Last Weeks Ranking: 22

Matt Ryan and the Cardinals secondary must have some type of agreement as the QB tossed another 4 interceptions to help lose the day.

26: Houston Texans (2-5) Last Weeks Ranking: 26

Whew. The bye week has the Texans at 26, but nothing is going right for this team.

27: Philadelphia Eagles (3-5) Last Weeks Ranking: 18

Yikes. Matt Barkley finished off the game for the Eagles. Vick playing at least gave them a chance, playing Barkley as a rookie will be heartburn for the rest of your game.

28: Washington Redskins (2-5) Last Weeks Ranking: 27

Robert Griffin III and the Redskins put up half the points the Broncos did, not to mention Griffin hurt his knee.

29: Cleveland Browns (3-5) Last Weeks Ranking: 29

The Browns are bad, but not bad enough to be 32, that may change with half the season to go.

30: Minnesota Vikings (1-6) Last Weeks Ranking: 30

The Vikings are Adrian Peterson, and the team needs to figure out pieces to surround him with.

31: Jacksonville Jaguars (0-8) Last Weeks Ranking: 32

They showed more heart than their Florida related brethren the Buccaneers.

32: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-7) Last Weeks Ranking: 31

Greg Schiano is at the end of his NFL time with the Buccaneers. The question is whether the ax will drop before the season ends.