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Does a duo of Ellington and Taylor = success for the Arizona Cardinals?

Are Andre "Juke" Ellington and Stepfan Taylor the future for the Arizona Cardinals at running back?

Afterburners on.
Afterburners on.
Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sport

He's been minted by the ROTB base here as Juke Ellington. His 80-yard run made me sit up and pay attention to the game. That wasn't a home run threat, that was a home run. Bang, take that right in the kisser, Atlanta Falcons D. Andre Ellington broke off a run Sunday that placed him in a tie for the third longest TD in Arizona Cardinals' history.

But that run wasn't a fluke. Ellington has a nice cut and excellent vision. He uses both his size and his blockers to break into the second level, and from there his acceleration leaves defenders behind. In the Atlanta game Ellington averaged over 10 yards a carry, including a nice 22 yard pull that I thought he was going to break.

And then when the Cards needed the tough yards to eat up the clock they brought in a grinder. Cue Stepfan Taylor, the other young rookie. Taylor is also 5'9", but he has about 20 pounds on Ellington. He runs with power, taking defenders with him and falling forward for extra yardage. For all the talk of power, Taylor also has some nice moves and some speed having a 15 and 9 yard run Sunday as proof.

So, the rookies had a good game. How are the Falcons in the run game? FOX sports (I was lazy) has them listed as the 22nd ranked run D in the league. Interesting enough they are 22nd in all four defense aspects. Point, Yards, Rush Yards and Pass Yards.

Playing devil's advocate, the Falcons also had a few defensive starters out when they played the Cardinals. Would that have made any difference?

As for me, I was excited for the Taylor pick when it happened, wasn't sure about the Ellington pick. What I can say today is that I liked what I saw Sunday, but I need more. Really, I'm just selfish like that. I need to see it week 10 against the Houston Texans. Likewise the week after when the cards play the Jacksonville Jaguars. Why? Consistency. Once is a flash in the pan, think Afroman (the musician). A few times and they're something to grow on.

What say you?