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Levi Brown trade: Deal includes a swap of draft picks

After all is said and done, the Cards are only slightly better off than having released him.

Norm Hall

A new tidbit has been made public, now that the announced Levi Brown trade by the Arizona Cardinals has hit the NFL transaction system. The team announced on Wednesday that Brown was sent to Pittsburgh for a conditional pick.

What was made known through the league's transaction report is that Brown and an unannounced pick was sent to the Steelers for an unannounced pick.

Initially, it appeared that the Cards made out like bandits in the deal. They managed to ship off an unpopular player who has a big contract for a draft pick.

However, we now know that the Cardinals are paying him all of his remaining money except the league minimum salary, which Pittsburgh will pick up.

The Cardinals also will not add a pick from the Steelers in next year's draft. They will simply move. One would assume that the "conditional" part of the pick means that there are some things that must happen to determine which rounds are involved.

It very well could be like the A.J. Jefferson trade from a season ago in which the Cardinals picked up a sixth rounder for the corner and their seventh rounder.

So while the Cardinals are not getting much out of the deal, they are still getting more than if they had simply released him. In the case of releasing him, they would have had to pay ALL of his 2013 salary and they would not have (presumably) moved up in next year's draft.

Do Cardinals fans still approve of the deal?

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