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ROTB Roundtable: Falcons Win, RB Depth Chart, and the NFL in London

As the Cardinals' bye week continues, the team sits at 4-4.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

So with the extra time we have, the Writing Staff took their shots at answering three questions surrounding the Cardinals and the league.

Don't forget to answer them yourselves in the comments below!

1) What was the main factor in the Cardinals sound win over the Falcons?

Khodder: If you look at the overall consistency of the offense in this game is was pretty bad overall. We had TD drives back to back to back in the 2nd quarter of 80, 80 and 78 yards, but the remaining 8 offensive possessions for Arizona netted just 110 yards with no other drive going further than 25 yards. The offense got the team into the lead and the defense was good enough playing with that lead to keep Atlanta off the scoreboard until late in the game while also creating scoring chance for the offense with two drives starting in ATL territory after INT's leading to FG's.

Jess Root: Two easy answers -- the running game and the turnovers. If you pick off four passes and don't win, there is a problem. When you run the ball 29 times, it means you win in the league these days. There you go.

AndyStandsUp: Most will probably say the running game, but you have to go by the old turnover adage IMO. +3 in TO ratio usually spells victory.
This team seems like the many, many Cardinals teams of past- strong defense and below average offense. In many of those seasons the D eventually wears out and long losing streak proceeds. (Jiminy Crickett, I hope I'm wrong.)

Randy Fields: Same two answers - A dominant defense who owned the line of scrimmage and had four INTs and a sudden explosion from the running game!

Cdeveau: They kept the Ball out of Palmers hands for the most part, as he only had to throw 18 times. The running game can be thanked for that. On the flip side the defense was stout, and wont eh turnover game for the Cards.

Jesse Reynolds: Let me join the chorus and say the run game and the defense. The defense was excellent.

Alex Mann: Run game, Palmers leadership, and a spectacular defensive performance. Without one of those three things, this game would have been significantly different, and we likely wouldn't be in the bye week at 4-4.

D.L. Parsons: Allow me to pour some sugar over the Defense. They were superb. A close second was the run game. Ellington is The Man!

2) Any predictions for how the RB depth chart will shape up, given Andre Ellington's performance last Sunday?

Khodder: I am too scared to predict what will happen. It is pretty obvious what should happen, whether or not it does is purely in the hands of Bruce Arians. Arians mentioned one of the reasons Ellington was not getting as many shots at RB was pass protection issues, personally I think if you are willing to keep one of the most explosive and productive backs in the league off the field because of pass protection issues your take on offense is not very effective or efficient, but who am I to question an NFL Head Coach right?.

Jess Root: I don't think it will change much. Rashard will likely start when he gets back, not that starting is anything significant. Ellington will continue to get touches and Rashard will quite possibly still get a solid load of carries. To me, it doesn't matter if Stepfan Taylor or Rashard Mendenhall get the carries as long as Ellington gets his chances. However, if the team continues to be in the hunt for the postseason, having a veteran guy like Mendy is important.

AndyStandsUp: Arians has insinuated that Mendenhall will more than likely get Stepfan Taylor's carries if healthy. I don't pretend to understand Arians anymore. It's like Levi Brown's biggest supporter that rides horses with Carson Palmer into the sunset with zinc oxide on his nose. It doesn't make sense to me, but I'm sure to him -- it's crystal clear.

Randy Fields: Mendy will still be the "starter" but I think Juke Ellington will get more snaps than Mendy. They'd be smart to start using Taylor in the goal line carries since he has some push and some speed to hit the hole, but they'll probably stick with the old plodder (26 y.o. with bad knees and toe).

Cdeveau: Yes, Arians will continue to channel Whisnehunt and play his guy rather than bow to the evidence that his guy isn't getting it done.

Jesse Reynolds: I do not imagine a change but I wouldn't be surprised to see Ellington to continue getting carries over Mendenhall eve if Mendenhall is the start in name.

Alex Mann: I don't see one a depth change. Ellington will continue to get his 15-20 snaps per game, Mendenhall will continue to "start", and Taylor will remain the short yardage and a solid special teamer.

D.L. Parsons: I like, and totally agree, that BA will continue to "channel his inner Whisenhunt", and give the majority of the carries to "his" man, in spite of the overwhelming evidence that the duo of Ellington and Taylor can perform better. .

3) Commissioner Goodell recently said that he definitely wants a team in London. How likely is it that the English capital receives an NFL franchise?

Khodder: How likely is it? I would not have a clue. Should it be done? Absolutely, positively, without a doubt, heck no. It should never happen, it is just too farfetched to put a full time NFL team on another continent.

Jess Root: If the commish wants it, it means the owners do, and that means it will happen. Yuck. I don't any part of it.

AndyStandsUp: Am I the only one that is seeing the NFL being watered down to the NBA, NHL likeness? This used to be (and still is) the greatest sport in America, but from the watered down rules to the over exposure, in my eyes it's spreading itself thinner and thinner - if not on credulity alone.
London should be on the back burner. If you have expand/relocate - go to LA.

Randy Fields: I really hope they don't put a team in London. I think they'll add more games there until they're at 10-12 games to test the market before they get a team of their own. Too bad they're being force fed the Jaguars!

Cdeveau: Whew. Is there any interest in an NFL team? And why London? What not somewhere warm and scenic like Italy or Spain? Think about it, a franchise for Italy called the Italian Stallions!

Jesse Reynolds: Shoot, no clue but I imagine that team will do very poorly with their wicked travel schedule. Imagine them at Seattle? Good luck. But it looks like the Jags are gearing up for that move, so we will see.

Alex Mann: I'm all for it... When we develop the technology to fly across the globe without that feeling of jet lag... Don't get me wrong, the game of Football is turning into a global sport, but like Soccer (a.k.a. Football) you keep your leagues in your country... Now, could we create an event like the FIFA World Cup with Football in mind? I'd love some of that.

D.L. Parsons: He should concentrate on putting a team in the largest, unserved TV market in the US, Los Angeles, first. London weather will be like NY/NJ weather, if they play outside. Time for travel will be grueling. Imagine repeated visits to the West Coast in a single season. Not to mention how many NFL players with felonious criminal records will be put on the no-fly list. Or be denied entry because of their convictions. The Player's Association should be against this move strictly on a taxation basis. Can you imagine the extra taxes these players and coaches will have to pay in welfare-swelled Britain? No free agents will want to play there, no matter how good the team is.