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2013 NFL picks, Week 9: ROTB staff agrees on many teams

A look at our Week 9 prognostications.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The ROTB writing staff had a fantastic week in Week 8, as every single writer picked at least 10 of 13 games correctly. Jesse Reynolds is our overall leader and Seth Cox trails by a game.

Take a look at the results from last week and the leaderboard as it sits currently.



Now on to our Week 9 picks, where you will see a lot of similarities, meaning we all are going to be great again or the opposite. The Steelers really let us down.


The unanimous picks are the Bengals, Cowboys, Saints, Seahawks, Patriots and Colts.

Only AndyStandsup is brave enough to say that Josh McCown can beat the Packers. Andy and Red both think that somehow the Chiefs will lose to the Bills.

Skii is the lone man thinking that the Falcons will beat the Panthers, who are playing great ball while the Falcons continue to reel.

What are your picks? Any input, comments, mocking? ,