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Larry Fitzgerald, Michael Floyd are one of the NFL's most reliable WR tandems

They have had great hands this season.

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sport

This morning released an article featuring their premium stats. They highlighted their ‘Drop Rate' statistics and the article features two Arizona Cardinals in the top 20.

PFF uses a simple equation to measure their drop rate by:

"Catchable balls equals the total numbers of receptions and drops, and then you get a percentage dividing the drops by the catchable balls."

PFF states that a minimum of 20 catches is necessary to qualify. With the folk at PFF watching each game they judge which passes they deem catchable. While this is not science and is subject to speculation, it is a good way to see a WRs true drop rate and not base it on targets or passes that may have been very poorly thrown.

Leading the pack is Larry Fitzgerald with 36 catches and zero drops. He has five more receptions than the next player on the list, Torrey Smith, a surprising name on the list. Smith is also the only player besides Fitzgerald who has more than 30 receptions and zero drops. In total only eight WRs have more than 20 receptions and zero drops.

Some surprising stats jump out, such as Antonio Brown of the Pittsburgh Steelers who has the most catches on the list with 56 and only has one drop, coming in as the 9th most efficient WR this year. Break out player Marvin Jones from the Bengals also made the list with 24 receptions and zero drops. Behind those two players Cardinal's own Michael Floyd is ranked 11th with 34 receptions and just one drop.

Considering the troubles Carson Palmer has been having it is good to see how reliable the Cardinals top two WRs have been thus far this season. I know this has been repeated ad nauseam but the offensive line needs get it together and give Palmer cleaner pockets so he can take advantage of the most reliable WR duo in the league.