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10/4 Arizona Cardinals news: Sowell takes over blindside, Washington back in action

Your daily news update for the Cardinals and NFL.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Though of the day: It proves how crazy the world happens to be when Levi Brown has more trade value than Josh Freeman. Or that's just a testament to running an organization better than the preschool bully.


Cardinals Blogs | About your new left tackle
Time you read up on who you may be screaming at for the rest of the season.

Putting D-Wash Back In The D
Speed of returning Pro Bowl linebacker adds dimension to Cardinals' defensive unit

More Practice For Rashard Mendenhall
Notebook: Goodwin talks about new tackle; Panthers game sells out; Injury update

Cardinals Blogs | How trade impacts the salary cap
The trade was more about helping out next season instead of the current one.

Opposing View: Panthers Preview Match Up
Hear from the opponents on Sunday's game

Arizona Cardinals aim to get offense going against stout Carolina Panthers defense
The offense has a tough challenge especially following two poor outings in the past two weeks.

Arizona Cardinals sell out 77th straight game at University of Phoenix Stadium
Fans are willing to watch, are the Cardinals willing to win?

Levi Brown paid for the Arizona Cardinals' mistake
A good point, but I think it gives too much credit to Levi Brown.

Arizona Cardinals' Patrick Peterson: 'I definitely feel that I am the best corner in the game'
I would argue the cornerback needs to keep improving before he is in that category.

Franz's 2013 NFL Power Poll: Week 5
Aren't these polls just the greatest?

Double Coverage: Panthers at Cardinals - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Sunday will be a trip down memory lane for Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, who made his NFL debut at University of Phoenix Stadium in 2011.


NFL Watchability Index, Week 5: What games should you be watching this week? -
There are some pretty good games on the schedule this week. Which ones might end up being the best? Let's find out. Here's Week 5 of the Watchability Index.

Quarterback watch, Week 5: King of the Cassel -
Last week saw the fall of Freeman. This week could see the rise of a Cassel. Could some high-profile names in New York, Houston, and St. Louis be the next?

Josh Freeman released by Buccaneers -
After attempts to trade their former first-round pick fell through, the Bucs have cut Freeman.

The List: Situations that need Greg Schiano -
Greg Schiano, head coach of the 1-3 Buccaneers, says that the Bucs' situation was one that "needed Greg Schiano." This is one of many situations that need Greg Schiano.

Greg Schiano close to losing Buccaneers locker room, according to report -
Head coach Greg Schiano needs his team to win now in order to stop a player revolt.

2013 NFL power rankings consensus, Week 5: AFC West is best -
A quarter of the way through the season, we're starting to get a clearer picture on just where teams stack up in the league.

NFL picks, Week 5: Jaguars, Jets and Browns have it covered -
Quick, breakout your wallet for a once in a lifetime opportunity to bet on underdog teams this week. Sure, games like the Seahawks at Colts make compelling television, but when will you ever have the chance to bet on the Jaguars again this season?

Happy Brownsbills Day! -
It's the best holiday football's ever had (non-Thanksgiving division).