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Panthers vs. Cardinals results: The stats behind the Arizona win

A look at the numbers in the Cardinals' victory.

Christian Petersen

The Arizona Cardinals are now 3-2. It was not a pretty win, but it is a win nonetheless. Defensively, they were fantastic in the second half. Offensively, outside of one touchdown drive, it was pretty forgettable.

Here are some of the numbers from the game that you might find pertinent:

4 -- The number of third down conversions in the win. They were 4/12. It certainly is not good, but it was a huge improvement from the other two wins. In their previous two wins, they were a combined 2/21.

7 -- The number of sacks the defense had. Calais Campbell, Karlos Dansby and Daryl Washington each had two and Tyrann Mathieu had the other.

6 -- The number of first downs the defense held the Panthers to. They had 15 in the first half.

21 -- The number of second half rushing yards the defense allowed. Carolina had 74 yards in the first half and 95 at the end of the game.

94 -- The number of yards the defense gave up overall in the second half. Carolina had 258 in the first half.

7 -- The number of consecutive quarters the Arizona defense has not allowed a touchdown.

250 -- The total yards the Cardinals offense gained for the entire game. Yuck.

0 -- The number of catches by tight end Greg Olsen in the second half. Remember the comments about how the tight end was killing the Cards again? Olsen had five receptions for 79 yards in the first half, and then none after that.

3 -- The number of interceptions thrown by Carson Palmer. He has thrown at least one in all five games with the Cardinals and has nine on the season to go with only five touchdowns. This is the worst he has played in his entire career.

28 -- The number of running attempts by the Cardinals against Carolina. At halftime, they had run the ball only six times. Message? Run the ball some and the offense is better.

7.5 -- The average number of yards every time Andre Ellington touches the ball. Does he need to get the ball more? I think so.

8/2/1 -- The stat line for both Karlos Dansby and Daryl Washington. They each were credited with eight tackles, two sacks and an interception. Jasper Brinkley may not see the field again is this keeps up and rookie Kevin Minter may be relegated to special teams his entire rookie year. It was almost like both players were not going to let the other outdo him.

0 -- The number of receptions by tight end Rob Housler. It is also the number of touchdowns he has in his career. It's probably the number of people that will believe it the next time says he is going to have a breakout season.

And finally --

0 -- The number of second half points allowed. This is why the Cardinals won.

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