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Cardinals vs. Panthers results: Postgame quotes and reaction to Cardinals' win

What did the head coach have to say?

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals won. People talked. Here is what they said, from the videos posted on the team's official web site, and some of my thoughts to go with it, if that means anything.

Bruce Arians: "As long as they're wins, I love them."

In the results business of the NFL, he is right. It doesn't matter how you get wins. You just have to get them. The problem is that you can't sustain winning if you play the way the Cardinals did offensively. We have seen that since 2010. It is what got Ken Whisenhunt fired.

Bruce Arians on the defense winning the game: "That's the way we're built and that's the way we want to be. We want a defense that's dominating and a special teams that is dominating."

That's not how he or the front office wants it to be. If that were the case, they would not have hired Arians to fix the offense. Yes, Arians gets time and the offense was set back by injuries, but he is purposely downplaying how his work on offense has been mostly a failure so far this season.

Arians on the play of Bradley Sowell: "I didn't really notice him...when he's not noticed, that's a pretty good thing."

In this he is very correct. with offensive linemen, they do not really get mentioned or noticed unless they are giving up a play. He was clearly good enough. The specifics will come out in film, though.

Patrick Peterson on the play of Daryl Washington. "He was the same old D-Wash, running sideline to sideline."

What can you say? Eight tackles, two sacks and a pick? That's a great game. According to Peterson, Washington stole a pick. Had he not intercepted it, Peterson said he would have had it. "I was jumping it."

Larry Fitzgerald on frustration with the offense, but winning: "I think the win keeps it sane, a little bit. We just got to get better."

We saw how disappointed he was last year, how hurt and how frustrated. It's happening again. He is not producing much. Are we reaching the point where we have to ask that question?

Carson Palmer on the offense: "We didn't capitalize enough. We should have won by a much larger margin."

This game should not have been close. It would not have if the offense had done anything in the first half. If Palmer turns one interception into points, then that changes anything.

Palmer again: "Offensively we have to play much better."


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