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Arizona Cardinals vs Carolina Panthers: The Bonehead Award

Which player took home the Bonehead Award for their "D'oh" moment in week 5?

They guys in different jerseys aren't on your team
They guys in different jerseys aren't on your team
Christian Petersen

The Arizona Cardinals improved to a 3-2 record yesterday with a victory over the visiting Carolina Panthers. However, not all the action from yesterday's won can be considered rosy. In fact, there are plays so bad that they scream for inclusion in the Bonehead Award nominees.

Some of the smaller transgressions that caught my eye in yesterday's game but fall short of the Bonehead Award are a holding penalty on Daryn Colledge and an illegal formation penalty registered to the Cards offense. Small infractions like these cause coaches to steam and stew, but pale in comparison to the true Bonehead nominee. I'm not including the roughing the QB penalty that Karlos Dansby picked up, as it looks like a case of protecting the passer by a referee.

In game five Cardinals fans were subjected to a miserable experience, much akin to the time of Derek Anderson, John Skelton and Max Hall. Current QB Carson Palmer threw three interceptions and managed to post a passer rating of 57.0. Can we all collectively say yuck? In fact, through the course of 5 games Palmer has thrown 9 picks.

Contributing to the punch to the gut feeling provided by the interceptions, each was thrown after the Cardinals had advanced to the Panthers side of the field. First pick came on 1st and 10 from the Panthers 42. The second turnover came from the Carolina 23 yard line on a 1st and 10 call. The last interception thrown by Palmer was on a 3rd and 6 play from the Panthers' 48 yard line.

Momentum killers. Taking points off the board. The Carson Palmer involved interceptions are all of those things, and that's why Palmer tops the list of nominees for the Bonehead Award, week 5.

QB Matt Schaub was benched yesterday after he threw 3 picks. Perhaps the Cards organization has a plan for Palmer, perhaps not. But throwing a pick a week is a great way to qualify for the Bonehead Award, and a great way to place your team in the market to draft a QB.

What do you think Cardinals faithful, who deserves the Bonehead Award for week 5?