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Steve Smith complains about officials and lack of calls on Arizona Cardinals secondary

The receiver crying sour grapes after disappointing performance.

Christian Petersen

Carolina Panthers receiver Steve Smith had some complaints after his team lost to the Arizona Cardinals 22-6 on Sunday. He dropped a pair of passes and ended the game with four receptions for 60 yards.

However, he decried the officiating in Sunday's game, saying the Cardinals defenders were not only physical, but were "molesting" him.

His comments were published in the Charlotte Observer, where he also said that he was "hugged" and "leg humped" by the Cardinals.

He questioned the pass interference that he was called for and then cited an instance when he felt that Patrick Peterson should have been flagged.

"I was told by the referee -- whatever judge he was, No. 64 (Ferrell). He told me on my route (that) I felt like I got held, where (Peterson) had the back of my jersey and used that to slingshot his way through and bat the ball down. He said he grabbed my jersey, he saw it, but he didn't think it was enough that changed the course of the route," Smith said.

He continued to criticize the game officials and even went as far as saying that he doesn't care if the league fines him, which seems like it most certainly will happen.

"To be honest, I make enough money where if Roger wants to fine me he can. But I really think that referee probably was the sorriest referee that I have ever met," Smith said.

The play in question I was unable to tell anything conclusive with the TV broadcast film. I do know that the refs did allow Arizona to be physical.

Does Smith have a real beef? Tough to tell. He has never been one to be quiet about anything and he has the reputation for running his mouth. It's hard to take him too seriously after he blew some plays and then goes after others in hopes of justifying his performance on the field.

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