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Julio Jones injury: Could Atlanta Falcons be interested in Andre Roberts?

Atlanta will need receiving help in the biggest way.


The Atlanta Falcons have potentially lost stud receiver Julio Jones for the season with a foot injury. That is a crushing blow to a team that, while expected to be Super Bowl contenders, now find themselves 1-4 and without possibly their most talented player.

There are reports/rumors that the team has already reached out to the Cleveland Browns about receiver Josh Gordon.

If that is true, could they also be interested in Arizona Cardinals receiver Andre Roberts?

Roberts is in the final year of his rookie contract and has had flashes of being a solid player, but has not quite found a groove this season.

So far the season Roberts has only 13 catches and 145 yards in five games. He had 64 catches for 759 yards and five touchdowns in 2012, 51/586/2 in 2011 and, as a rookie, 24/307/2.

Based on his production a season ago, you would think that there would be interest in him as a free agent. With the Cardinals already locked in money-wise with Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd, it does not appear that he will return in 2014.

His role has somewhat been diminished this season. He was playing very well inside early in the season, but with the return of Rob Housler, Roberts has not seen as much production being pushed outside.

Roberts could be just the type of player that Atlanta needs. He could put up solid numbers alongside Roddy White and Tony Gonzalez. He is tough, has had some very clutch catches in key moments, and he is the type of player that could be a productive number two on a team -- especially a team with a solid quarterback.

While this is not a rumor -- let me repeat -- there is nothing that connects the Falcons and Cardinals in any way right now, and the likelihood of a deal happening when the two teams play one another in three weeks seems incredibly low, but is this a deal that could potentially happen?

Would the Cardinals be willing to part with a player that will not likely be back next season? Would Atlanta be interested.

At least to the latter question, I would say yes. Reaching out on Twitter to The Falcohoilic, our SB Nation Falcons blog, if they would be interested, and they responded with "gimme."

As for what they would part with, they responded with a fifth or a sixth round pick.

Cardinals fans, would you be willing to part with Roberts for the rest of this season for a late round pick in next year's draft, knowing that he likely was not going to return anyway?

Falcons fans that might read this, would you like Roberts on your team?

Talk about it in the comment section.

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