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ROTB Radio show tonight 9PM Arizona time

Call in, listen in.

Christian Petersen

Revenge of the Birds Radio, after a week off (sorry -- multiple jobs made it too hard to do the show last week), we will be back on the air Tuesday night at 9PM Arizona time (12AM Wed Eastern).

Among the topics of discussion will be:

1. Recapping the game

2. The Levi Brown trade: what will the long-term effects will be and whether or not Bradley Sowell is the answer.

3. Carson Palmer -- what level is our concern and should we make a change.

4. Running game -- how much is the right amount. Andre Ellington -- what should be his role? What about Ryan Williams?

5. The defense -- just how good it is. Will anyone get playing time behind Washington and Dansby?

6. The coming schedule -- what are reasonable expectations? How many wins do they need to get to be considered as part of the playoff hunt?

If you would like, call in while we are on the air. 646-478-3787. If you can't call in then, leave a voice mail at 602-730-1825.

If you don't care to chime in, at least listen in here.