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NFL power rankings, Week 6: The movement of the Arizona Cardinals

What does the Interwebz have to say about the Cardinals this week?

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals are now 3-2. They have won two straight and have done so with impressive second half defensive performances. As we do every week, we scour the vast thing called the Internet for what the world is saying about them in their power rankings. Of course, everyone LOVES power rankings. Or they HATE power rankings.

Either way, it is good for me. So without further delay, here is what the Internet thinks of our Cardinals.

To start, we look at our very own power rankings. Mike Oliver moves the Cardinals up from 23 to 17.

Cardinals winning on defense. Deja vu, right? The return of Daryl Washington was key to their success against the hapless Panthers as Todd Bowles' group begins to gel. It's the offense that sucks. Carson Palmer with another multiple interception game, which cannot continue .

What about the SB Nation NFL guys? Ryan Van Bibber has them at 21 this week.

Just like last year, Arizona's defense is this team's best unit. They haven't allowed a single point in the second half of the last two games. Rookie Tyrann Mathieu notched five tackles and his first sack of his career against the Panthers last week. Bruce Arians doesn't want to use running back Andre Ellington for anything more than part time work. That looks like a mistake considering he's averaging 6.7 yards per carry, the best of any rookie rusher.

Over at a site called FanSpeak, They had Arizona ranked 19th, which is three slots higher than the previous week.

The Cardinals also sit at 3-2. Though their wins just haven't seemed as impressive as other 3-2 teams. Maybe its because two of the teams were the Buccaneers and Panthers. Will be interesting to see how they fare against NFC West powerhouses like the Seahawks and 49ers. Oh wait, they play the 49ers this week, so no need to wait.

ESPN did not move the Cards up their list, but they were already 19th.

The Cardinals sent heavy pressure after Cam Newton on Sunday. In the last three quarters, Newton was 5-of-14 with three interceptions and six sacks against added pressure.

CBS Sports moved the Cardinals up a spot to number 18.

They are 3-2 with a big game at San Francisco this week. They can thank the defense since the offense hasn't done much.

The Shutdown Corner at Yahoo! Sports still is not as high on the Cardinals. After going from 31st to 24th last week, they begrudgingly bumped them up a spot to 23.

With stud linebacker Daryl Washington back from suspension, this defense is pretty nasty. There's a lot of young talent on that side of the ball. Offensively? Nope.

Cardinals fans, what do you think? Who is right? Wrong? Who is crazy? Talk about it.

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