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Cardinals vs. Texans results: Notable postgame quotes from Arizona players

What was said after the game?

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The Arizona Cardinals beat the Houston Texans 27-24 on Sunday. You probably know the details. If not, here is the recap and some of what Arians had to say.

This is a simple post with several of the things that the Arizona Cardinals players said after the game.

Carson Palmer on his team's defense:

"We played against the No. 1 defense in the league today, and I would take our defense over that defense."

Andre Ellington on  the excitement in the locker room after the win:

"The older guys, they are happy because they get that victory Monday (a day off), but the younger guys have to go back to work."

Patrick Peterson on the second touchdown by Andre Johnson:

"I definitely thought I had the interception. It was an unbelievable catch by Andre Johnson. I couldn't get my other hand up because he was on my shoulder, so I couldn't reach up because I definitely wanted to go up with two hands. But I thought I played pretty well today. i held him to 37 yards, I believe. Just those two touchdowns. He's an All-Pro. He gets paid the big bucks. It was a great matchup."

Peterson on the difference between Andre Johnson and Calvin Johnson:

"the thing all receivers have in common is the will to get the ball, having great body control, strong hands and field awareness, as you saw today. I think Calvin is just bigger than Andre and I definitely think those guys have a lot of similarities."

Rob Housler on scoring a touchdown for the first time:

"I've been waiting a while to get in the end zone, and it's sure good to get in there."

Housler on why it took so long for him to get the first TD:

"I don't know."

John Abraham on the dropped interceptions by Daryl Washington and Karlos Dansby that could have been defensive touchdowns:

"I told the guys to give them a jug machine next week, because we can't do that."

Andre Roberts on scoring a touchdown on Salute to Service day:

"That was pretty big. Both of my parents were in the military, and I went to military school."

Roberts on the frustration of not playing or producing as much:

"I'm human. Of course it's frustrating. Coming off last year, playing a lot, and not playing a lot this year -- or not getting as many touches this year, I should say -- of course it's frustrating. I know my role, I have to put in my role and games like this I have to step up when Mike (Floyd) is out an produce."

Daryl Washington on his dropped interception:

"Oh, man, don't talk about that. That was just to the house right there. I should have had two hands on it and I should have caught it. But, unfortunately I didn't, but we got a good win."