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Texans vs. Cardinals review: Vote for the Precision Play of Week 10

Watch the precision plays of the week from the Texans game and vote for your favorite.

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The Arizona Cardinals 27-24 win over the Houston Texans provided plenty of plays worthy of mention here, but only five can make the final cut. We have a little bit of everything this week, from defense to offense to special teams, so choose wisely.

Here are the precision plays of Week 10.

Abraham's fast start

It was the first play of the game, so why not lead off with it? On this play, outside linebacker John Abraham leaves tire marks in the turf on his way to Texans quarterback Case Keenum. Abraham meets Keenum at the top of his drop and knocks the ball loose as he passes by.

Defensive end Matt Shaughnessy scoops up the loose ball and runs it in for his first NFL touchdown.

Housler's monkey-off-the-back catch

Shaughnessy's score wasn't the only first for the Cardinals against the Texans. Third-year tight end Rob Housler finally scored the first touchdown of his career as well, a screen pass that covered 12 yards in the second quarter.

He added a highlight reel-worthy catch later, but we didn't want to make this all about Housler. Other plays were more meritorious. Notice at the end how Housler rips the figurative monkey off his back, signifying he's finally rid himself of the issue that was his failure to get into the end zone.

Bethel's Superman act

As though he's not good enough as a gunner on punt coverage, defensive back Justin Bethel now has two blocked kicks this season. Here's the other, which came in the Week 2 victory over the Detroit Lions.

On this play, just before the half, Bethel steers around the right side of the line and dives roughly five yards to get a hand on the Randy Bullocks attempt.

The Cardinals won by a field goal, in case you forgot.

Roberts salutes the troops

Having attended the Citadel, a military college in South Carolina, wideout Andre Roberts has made it his own celebration to salute after every touchdown. He did so again on Military appreciation day, as he beat the Texans secondary with an out-and-up route in the fourth quarter.

As he does following every touchdown, Roberts gives the crowd -- which was spattered with veterans of every branch of the military -- his trademark salute.

Powers shuts down the Texans

We started with the first defensive play of the game, and we end with the last defensive play of the game. It truly was a wire-to-wire show put on by Todd Bowles' defense, as exhibited on this play by cornerback Jerraud Powers.

On fourth down with Houston trailing 27-24, Powers steps in front of rookie receiver DeAndre Hopkins and knocks Keenum's pass away, thwarting the comeback attempt.