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Fantasy football results: Week ten stand-outs

The Cardinals' and NFL's best fantasy players from week ten.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

While the Cardinals' offense tempted fans and fantasy owners with visions of competence for a second straight week, doing enough to beat the Texans, no single player did enough to put the league on notice. However, week ten did see a Cardinal tight end in the top ten for the first time since... uh... so... how about that Drew Brees, everybody? Pretty good, huh?


Carson Palmer - 13 pts

Palmer's two turnovers spoil what was an otherwise mediocre performance. Par for the course.

Andre Ellington - 7 pts

Well, it wasn't the 20 touches we were promised, but Ellington was at least able to contribute a little to the effort this week.

Andre Roberts - 13 pts

It's been a while since Roberts earned a fantasy mention, after finishing 2012 on the cusp of relevance. He's probably worth a desperation pick-up this week if Michael Floyd is expected to miss any time (he isn't).

Rob Housler - 12 pts


Cardinals D/ST - 11 pts

The jewel of the desert, the Cardinals' defense finished ninth in fantasy scoring this week. They're currently eighth on the season overall in scoring, and, of course, first in our hearts. The one Arizona fantasy option that should be owned and started in all leagues... especially with the Jaguars next on the schedule.


Drew Brees - 31 pts

He's as good in fantasy as he is in real life. Second only to Peyton Manning on the season, this is why fantasy owners love you, Sean Payton.

Pierre Thomas - 23 pts

Three New Orleans running backs finished in the top five for RB scoring this week. This is why fantasy owners hate you, Sean Payton. Call me lazy but I'm not even going to try and break this down.

Demaryius Thomas - 29 pts

108 yards and 3 touchdowns. This was Thomas' highest-scoring week, but not by as much as you might think (less than a point). It's worth noting that Peyton Manning may have torn or tweaked something and could miss some time, but even if he does, Thomas will still get plenty of opportunities.

John Carlson - 16 pts

Carlson's first moment of fantasy relevance since 2008 comes with him filling in for an injured Kyle Rudolph. Like everyone else associated with the Vikings not named "Adrian Peterson," he's not a player you want to rely on, but could be worth picking up depending on Rudolph's health.

St. Louis D/ST - 29 pts

Guess we know how the Rams beat the Colts - with a superb defensive performance. This was actually the second time the Rams' D put up 29 points in fantasy this season (Houston, week six). It's really not fair when you come up against a one-week stand like this. With the next-highest D/ST scoring 17 points (Jacksonville, presumably owned in all of 0 leagues), there's just no way to match up against a defense with that kind of score -- consider that the week's best quarterback only beat the Rams' defense by two!

Waiver Mentions:

Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB TEN - 24 pts; Case Keenum, QB HOU - 19 pts
Donald Brown, RB IND - 12 pts; Rashad Jennings, RB OAK - 10 pts
Tavon Austin, WR STL - 26 pts
Brandon Bostick, TE GB - 10 pts