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Cardinals vs. Texans: 5 Positives

The Cardinals managed to pull out a win against the visiting Houston Texans on Sunday.

Stephen Dunn

With their record sitting at 5-4, and the team firmly in the Wild Card race, the valley is most definitely in a good mood today.

Here are 5 positives from the game:

1) Rob Housler

The third-year TE has largely been a disappointment for the team. On Sunday, however, he pulled out a nice performance, bringing in 4 receptions for 57 yards and 1 TD. It was nice to see Housler contribute to the team.

2) The Offensive Line

The O-line has been one of the team's biggest problems this season, but as of late, they've started to play somewhat decently. Against the lauded Texans defense, they only gave up 1 sack, a stat which I, and most fans, will take in a heartbeat.

3) Carson Palmer

A lot of you may disagree with me on this, so let me explain. Palmer did have an interception and fumble, and he IS the only QB in the league to throw at least 1 interception in every single one of his games. However, he was able to pass for 241 yards against the #1 ranked pass defense in the league, as well as throw 2 TD's. Keep in mind that he did all this without much help from his run game.

4) Andre Roberts

The Cardinals #3 WR led the team in receiving, bringing in 5 receptions for 72 yards and a TD. It was especially important that Roberts step up, as Larry Fitzgerald was mostly contained all game, leaving Palmer to search for other options.

5) The Defense

The Cardinals defense deserves a major shout out for their performance. Todd Bowles has really dispelled all doubts that a Horton-less Arizona defense can recreate the magic of 2012. They put pressure on Case Keenum all day, sacking him three times for a total loss of 42 yards. They contained the Houston run game, as Ben Tate was only able to convert 15 rushes into 56 yards. But perhaps their biggest feat came on the very first play of the game, when DE Calais Campbell forced a fumble deep in the Texans red zone. The fumble was then recovered by LB Matt Shaughnessy, who ran it into the end zone to put the Cardinals on the scoreboard within the first 15 seconds of the game. It was a fitting start to the defense's day.