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Arizona Cardinals week 10 Bonehead Award

Who took home the Bonehead Award for their performance when the Arizona Cardinals hosted the Houston Texans?

I've got my guys...
I've got my guys...

For the Arizona Cardinals week 10 is in the books as a win, with the Cards hanging tough to beat the Houston Texans. But I'm not here to talk wins or losses, I'm here for the bonehead moments.

Bonehead moment one goes to the Houston Texans offense on the very first play of the game. John Abraham strip sacks Case Keenum and then the Texans offense just kinda hangs around as Matt Shaughnessy scoops up the loose ball and rambles six yards for the TD.

What would the list be without the Carson Palmer inclusion? Incomplete with the way he is playing this season. Once again Palmer lobs an interception in the game as he targets Rob Housler down the sideline. I'm not sure if Palmer's arm is gone and he just doesn't know it yet or if his placement is just poop. A bit further down the sideline so Housler can run under it and we're talking a beautiful play. Instead, we get an interception by D.J. Swearinger. Boooooooooo!

Rashard Mendenhall makes the list for putting the ball on the ground. I understand the pile, the fighting and ripping of hands and fingers to get the ball. I also understand that fumbles cost teams games as a norm.

Speaking of Rashard Mendenhall, he's the reason Bruce Arians makes this list. It's been circling for weeks, Mendenhall is not the best option for the Cards as the grinder. Arians and Whiz must be cousins or something.

Last but not least, while it may get a coach fined, I can speak my mind about the referees without such issues. There were a few calls last night that cause me to clamor for refbots rather than humans. The pass interference call on Larry Fitzgerald, ugh. Grow some eyes man. A no call at the least. Letting Keenum slide on a few intentional grounding calls as well. Garbage.

In review of the list above, I'm going to go with Bruce Arians. Why? I understand the team won yesterday but the coach needs to make every move possible to set the team for success. Failure to do so is bonehead in my opinion.

How about it, who deserves the Bonehead award? Let the world know below.