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Which Jacksonville Jaguars player would you want in Arizona?

No, it's not a joke.

Michael Thomas

The Arizona Cardinals have the Jacksonville Jaguars on their schedule this week on the road. They are no longer winless (thus taking the slight fear out of the game that the Cards would be the first win for the Jags).

As we have done the last several weeks, we do a little speculating and have a little fun. If you could pick a player from the opposing team's roster to poach place on the Cardinals, who would it be?

The Jags present a bit of a challenge in that they don't have a good football team and they don't have great players.

So think about it and decide -- what Jags player would you like? For these purposes, I am excluding players that are not actually on the active roster, so Luke Joeckel would be excluded because he is hurt.

Maurice Jones-Drew:

MJD has been the face of the franchise and a very productive player, that is until this season. He has a career low 3.0 yards per carry, but he is also playing on a team with no threat at quarterback, so defenses can just sit on the running game. He is 28 and has had injuries, but if you had to pick, would you take Rashard Mendenhall or MJD?

Justin Blackmon:

He is a headache. He is a knucklehead. But he is talented. Is he talented enough for a Cardinals fan to want him on their team? Before his suspension, in four games, he had 29 catches for 415 yards. In nine games, Larry Fitzgerald has 39 catches for 493 yards. There is production there.

Cameron Bradfield:

He is Jacksonville's left tackle. I don't know anything about him. He has a -12.0 rating from PFF on the season, but Bradley Sowell is a -17.4 in less games. Being that Sowell has not been very good, would Bradfiled be an improvement?

Jonathan Cyprien:

He is a rookie and the team's start strong safety. He has 53 tackles, a sack and two forced fumbles. He is young. He is promising. Would you take him to replace Yeremiah Bell and play alongside Tyrann Mathieu?

What about anyone else? Jason Babin? What about any of the former Cardinals players -- Jamell Fleming, Kerry Taylor or Stephen Williams?

Tell us what you think in the comments!