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Arizona Cardinals/Jacksonville Jaguars: Birdbrained Award

Who took home the Birdbrained Award for their performance in the match-up between the Arizona Cardinals and the Jacksonville Jaguars?

Wait, a QB threw interceptions and it wasn't Carson Palmer? Yay!
Wait, a QB threw interceptions and it wasn't Carson Palmer? Yay!
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals headed out to Jacksonville for week 11's match-up against the Jacksonville Jaguars. East coast games have always managed to be a thorn in the side of the Cards, and at the start-up of his game it appeared to be no different. In the end though, the Cards prevailed over a struggling Jaguars team that shouldn't have been as close as it was if the Cards want to be considered contenders rather than pretenders.

From the game I've pulled performance nominees for the Birdbrained Award, and without further ado, here they are.

Patrick Peterson muffing a punt return. Yes he managed to get the ball back, but whew, that was Birdbrained and heart stopping all in one.

Yeremiah Bell getting called for unsportsmanlike conduct while the ball was on the Cards 5 yard line. The penalty moved the ball up to the 1 yard line and from there the Jaguars scored. Birdbrained indeed.

What about Chad Henne throwing 2 interceptions on the day. I know they helped the Cards out, but from a Birdbrained perspective, not what you want to see from your team.

Speaking of interceptions, Carson Palmer benefited from a well called timeout or he'd be on the list of Birdbrained nominees.

In review, if this were Cards based Yeremiah Bell would walk away with the Birdbrained trophy this week, but Chad Henne's 2 interceptions make him the recipient this week. Tough luck to Jag fans, your team put up a good fight, but those interceptions doomed your cause.

How about it world, who do you think the award for Birdbrained moment should go to?