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Arizona Cardinals: What we know, Week 11

The playoffs are looking more and more likely as the 49ers fell to 6-4 against the Saints.

Scott Cunningham

If you had said at by this time in the season the Cardinals would have the same record as the San Francisco 49ers' every sportswriter in the nation would laugh you out of the room.

But here we are sports fans. Cards 6-4, 49ers 6-4.

Sunday, fans got a treat to the old Carson Palmer and a good passing game. Seven receivers had multiple receptions including six receptions by Housler, Floyd and Fitzgerald. The Cardinals are a team of potential and have improved every week.

But Palmer still hasn't completely eliminated his mistakes. Despite the 416 yards, he still makes poor decisions trying to force the ball when the team is struggling. He may not have thrown an interception, but don't expect a timeout to fortuitously be called in the next game.

And talking about passing, Larry Fitzgerald is injured. I know what coaches and reports may say but this was the first week that I explicitly watched him and realized he just can't make cuts on his routes well. I don't think it's age because that relies on honed technique rather than extreme athleticism, but the wide receiver just hasn't played well this season and it shows.

But at least he has an excuse as opposed to the offense line playing to expectations. The Jaguars are second to last in sacks, but tallied up three against the offensive line while holding the Cardinals to 14 yards rushing. If the Cardinals continue winning it doesn't seem like they have a chance at drafting a top QB or LT.

By the way, if the team continues its weekly improvement this defense is going to get some much needed attention because now that Abraham is playing like his old HOF self, the Cardinals have a much desired pass rush to balance out a suffocating run defense.

The season began with an incredible amount of questions. The Cardinals had huge turnover, at coaching, front office and on the field. Eleven weeks into the season and the Cardinals have been climbing every single week in both the power rankings and the NFC West.

Finally, if the Mendenhall -- Ellington situation is the worst mistake Bruce Arians commits this season, I think be a happy man.