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Cardinals vs. Jaguars: Carson Palmer and Michael Floyd are the teammates of the week

Their play was huge in the win in Florida.

Scott Cunningham

The Arizona got their win on Jacksonville on Sunday and by the end of the game the numbers say that the defense played very well. They did...after the first two Jacksonville possessions.

However, until the defense finally got things set and put the clamps on the Jags, it was a Carson Palmer and Michael Floyd show. This is why they get the recognition as the Arizona Cardinals Teammates of the Week.

Palmer had his finest game as a Cardinal, completing 30/42 passes (over 70 percent), 419 yards (the second most in his career), two touchdowns and not a single interception (the first game to have that happen this season).

He completed six of those passes to Michael Floyd for 193 yards and a score.

Arizona had six offensive plays of at least 20 yards. Four of them were Palmer/Floyd connections, including a 91-yard touchdown that had to make Cardinals fans think of Anquan Boldin and when he ran through several 49ers players en route to the end zone.

It was the sort of game that makes you realize why the Cardinals drafted him in the first round and it could be a game we look back and point to as the start of his becoming a legitimate number one receiver.

Were there any better set of teammates for Arizona against the Jags? I don't think so.